6 Socially-Distanced Holiday Resident Event Ideas

Holiday resident event ideas that your community will love

It’s tricky times. On the one hand, you want to offer the best resident experience and get your community in the holiday spirit! On the other, it’s your job to keep everyone safe and you don’t want to take unnecessary risks. We get it! And the good news is, you don’t have to compromise resident engagement to stay safe. There are plenty of fun, socially-distant holiday resident event ideas that will get your residents excited.

The events we’re sharing below are all available in the Flamingo Event Marketplace. You can create a Flamingo account for free and start booking your resident events here.

1. Holiday Cocktails (Virtual Mixology Class)

This is the perfect online event to get the holiday season started. In this virtual mixology class, your residents will learn the ins and outs of a number of holiday spirits. You get everything delivered to your building (recipes, ingredients and alcohol) and an amazing professional mixologist will host the class from 90 to 120 minutes. What’s great about online events is that you can fit a lot more people than you would for a normal class, and residents can enjoy it safely from the comfort of their homes.

2. Holiday Pop Up Meal

This is a holiday twist to the popular Breakfast Grab N’Go. A Holiday Pop Up Meal is great because it’s themed, it’s safe (people enjoy their meals from the comfort of their home) and it’s a lot more special than your regular grab n’ go. We suggest to add a note to every package wishing residents happy holidays and asking them to upload a picture enjoying their meal. You’ll get tons of pictures on your social feed and your residents will feel more connected!

3. Christmas Carols

The perfect outdoors, socially distanced event to spread the holiday spirit. Christmas Carols can be set up outdoors, making sure that everyone stays safe but can still enjoy heart-warming Christmas songs and music. It’s a great family-friendly event that guarantees everyone an amazing time.


4. Virtual Holiday Trivia

Everyone loves trivia games and this one comes at you with a huge holiday twist; a Santa host! Your residents already go to bars and love doing trivia nights. Why not get everyone together (online) and have them enjoy a holiday-themed trivia hosted by the man himself?
If you want to make this a bit more special, offer rewards or a prize for the winner and provide beer or wine (it can be grab n’ go) to get everyone excited.

5. Outdoor Christmas Movie

Whether it’s The Grinch, Elf or Home Alone; everyone loves a Christmas movie. We absolutely love this resident event because it’s outdoors and easy to keep socially-distant, it’s family friendly, it’s fun and you can fit a ton of people, so the price per person is very low. We suggest sending out a quick poll beforehand so that your residents can vote for their favorite movie; or you could even make a series out of this and have a different movie every weekend for the rest of December!

6. New Year’s Murder Mystery (Virtual)

A super fun and interactive resident event that residents absolutely love! This one comes with a Holiday twist, and the story begins in a New Year’s party gone terribly wrong. The host is an actor, your residents each get a different character they have to play and by the end of the night, everyone’s had a blast.

Got any other fun, COVID-friendly holiday resident event ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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