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Francisco, Community Manager INSTRATA Gramercy Apartments

Nastassja was an excellent host.

Courtney, Regional Property Manager Stoneridge Apartments

They were great!

ZRS Management | Flamingo Resident Engagement
Mackenzie, Community Manager Park Hill

Brandon is the best as usual!

Kira, Events & Engagement Lead James Marquis

Nastassja was great!

Ashia, Community Manager Forma

Gracie was the best!

Angel, Community Manager The Vista on Brodie


Stephanie, Corp Marketing - Manager / Director The Grove at Piscataway

Zwardie is the ultimate host!

Natalie, Regional Property Manager Alvista Nine Mile

Thanks for the great event!

Aliece, Events & Engagement Lead The Uptown Apartments

The event host was amazing!

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Browse 100's of amazing events by budget, season, month, holiday or type and select your date, preferences, and number of residents.

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Flamingo handles marketing, RSVPs, hosting, attendance data, survey, event pics for social media, & review requests for Google, Facebook, Yelp...

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Flamingo ensures you receive reviews, pictures, lots of RSVPs, and attendance data from each event.

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  • Book Events in 5 Mins

    Browse 100's of amazing events by Season, Month, Holiday, Niche, Type, Budget and much more! Find the perfect event for you residents in a matter of minutes! Only pay for events you book!

  • Event Hosting

    Flamingo's event host will come onsite and fully run the event including set up, running the event, interacting with residents, and cleanup.

  • COI & Liability Coverage

    Flamingo is compliant with RMIS, NetVendor, Compliance Depot, Vendor Café, OpsTechnology, VendorShield etc. Request a COI if you need one.

  • Happiness Guarantee

    Flamingo will partially refund or redo any event that you are not happy with if average resident feedback is 3.8/5 or less.

  • Service Fee Waived (est. $150 savings per event)

    Typically, when you book an event with Flamingo, your invoice has 2 charges: 1) event host fee and 2) Flamingo service fee. With an event subscription, we waive the service fee - saving you about $150 per event.

  • Dedicated Rep

    Your dedicated Flamingo is just a call or email away to help make sure every event is amazing or answer any questions.

  • Automated RSVP Management

    Flamingo's integration with your PMS automates RSVPs. Flamingo sends RSVP links and reminders and tracks event attendance.

  • Branded Event Marketing Flyers

    Choose from a selection of automated marketing flyers branded with your logo to use for marketing and on social media.

  • Event Pictures

    Flamingo's event hosts take pictures during events that your marketing teams can post on social media.

  • Automated Review Generation

    Automatically generate hundreds of reviews per year on Google, Yelp, Facebook,, Apartment Ratings and more! 

  • Event Analytics

    View event analytics like RSVP's and watch trends in engagement and attendance over time. 

  • Integration with PMS

    Flamingo integrates with Yardi, RealPage, Entrata and more for a seamless RSVP and review generation experience. 

  • Base Rate On Fitness Classes

    Your subscription includes fee waivers on recurring fitness classes for your property with prices from just $60 per class!

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Why Your Comps Use Flamingo Resident Events

Resident Events

Select from our specially curated events. Browse by Niche, Holiday, Month or Season to find your perfect event, fast!

Reviews Generated

As part of your subscription, you get access to the Flamingo Review Generation feature.

Vetted Hosts

Access a handpicked roster of 5-star event hosts who have done thousands of memorable events for communities.

Flamingo is compliant

with RMIS, NetVendor, Compliance Depot, Vendor Café, OpsTechnology, VendorShield etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the event subscription?

Typically, when you book an event with Flamingo, your invoice has 2 charges: 1) event host fee and 2) Flamingo service fee. With an event subscription, we waive the service fee.

Why book events with Flamingo?

We know you are busy so we make booking events as quickly as booking an uber. And we provide 100s for events from wine & paint events to casino night events to family-friendly events. This way, your events are always fresh and never boring. Finally, Flamingo offers everything you need for a successful event from set up to breakdown to marketing materials to RSVP management to even providing you pictures from the event that you can use on social media.

Are you able to register with our vendor credentialing company?

Yes, we are already set up for RMIS, NetVendor, RealPage Vendor Credentialing etc. We can also provide a W9 and COI as needed.

Can we pay with a check?

Yes, you can pay with a check, ACH, or credit card.

How much are your resident events?

Our average event costs is about $500 but we have events anywhere from $100 to $10,000+

What impacts event costs?

The type of event and number of participants. Some events are flat fee events like a comedy performance while others are per person – e.g. a Wine & Paint event.

When you create your free account, you can filter by popularity to see the most popular events.

Do you provide both in-person and virtual events?

Yes, we provide both in-person and virtual events. For in-person events, our event hosts come to the building. For virtual events, we provide a video conference link.

What do you provide for each event?

We typically provide everything needed for the event including: the event host, marketing materials, breakdown and setup, RSVP management, post event pictures and attendance numbers.

What kind of marketing materials do you provide and are these free?

We provide you with 5 different marketing flyers that you can choose between. This is included for free.

Do we need to get the resident engagement app to do events with Flamingo?

No, you don’t have to get Flamingo’s app to book events. You can just book events without the app.

How does integrating with our property management system help with events?

This allows for automated event marketing. When you book an event, our system then sends all your residents emails and reminders about the event automatically.

Do we have to sign a contract?

No, you simply create an account and can start booking events right away.

Can you provide events in my region?

Yes, Flamingo is national and we can provide events across most of the USA.

Who are your event hosts?

Flamingo has hired 1000s of event hosts throughout the USA who can do all types of resident events from magicians to artists for sip & paint to caterers to fitness instructors.

Do you do cleanup and breakdown?

Yes, our event hosts manage the whole event from cleanup to breakdown.

What is your event cancellation policy?

Must cancel 7 days or more from the event date or you will be charged the full amount.

How often do you add new events?

Our event marketplace updates every season and every few weeks with fresh new events.

How far in advance do we need to book an event?

Events must be booked at least 7 days in advance.

Are we able to use Flamingo just for events?

Yes, our platform is a la carte so you can use Flamingo just to book resident events.