Reward your residents with the things they love and build a Rewards Program that actually creates loyalty.

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  • Resident Rewards
  • Resident Rewards
  • Resident Rewards

Your Referrals

Keep Residents Within Your Portfolio

Retention Rates

Use rewards
to increase engagement

Reward residents for attending events, answering surveys, sharing event pics in the social feed, completing fitness challenges and more! Rewards build up engagement and incentivize residents to be an active member of your community.

Build a strong
loyalty program

Our Hotel-Style loyalty program rewards residents for staying within your portfolio even if they change buildings. That means anything from early renewals to move-ins to your other properties.

Automatically reward engaged residents

Build an active community that attends events, answers surveys and refers prospects.

Get more event pics for your marketing team

Reward residents for uploading event pics and provide fresh material for your marketing team constantly.

Keep residents
within your portfolio

The loyalty program motivates residents to stay within your portfolio, increasing ROI for every single resident you keep.

Boost early

Use your rewards program to increase your renewal and early renewal rates.

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Getting Started with Resident Rewards

Here are the ways you can boost engagement, online reviews, and renewals with Flamingo’s Resident Rewards Program.

  • Reward loyalty and make sure your residents stay within your portfolio.
  • Reward resident event attendees who submit a picture for your marketing team (all done easily without them ever having to leave your app).
  • Reward early renewals and improve your retention rates.
  • Reward for any referrals who move in.
  • Reward residents who answer surveys or leave online reviews
  • Reward residents for submitting maintenance online rather than calling.
  • Reward residents for completing On-Demand fitness challenges.
  • Reward residents for completing move-in requirements quickly
  • Reward new move-ins for introducing themselves in the social feed or completing a fun move-in challenge like using 3 amenities.

Reward residents for posting event pictures and tagging the building on social media.

Resident rewards are automatically setup in your app and credits will be applied directly to residents through their app. 

If you are experiencing difficulty or require additional assistance with the Resident Rewards feature, please contact us via chat or at and we’ll be happy to assist.

More than just Reputation Management

There are many other tools available within the Flamingo Dashboard that allow you to generate reviews in various ways, for example, resident events. There are also in-depth analytics on Review Generation and insider tips to help you grow your online presence.

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