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Flamingo’s activity-triggered review requests spread feedback evenly across all major review sites, encouraging multiple reviews per resident. Boost your ratings, win ORA Elite 1%, & increase property value effortlessly with automated review generation.


Increase loyalty and referrals by creating a streamlined Resident Engagement strategy that serves both retention and lead generation.


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Flamingo Generates Thousands of Reviews
for 420+ Property Management Companies
Each Year

Instrata Park Slope ✪ 3.8 > ✪ 4.4

Instrata Park Slope turned the table and increased their rating from 3.8 out of 5 to 4.4 out of 5 in less than 3 months.

Atlas Oakland Made Ora Elite 1%

Greystar's Atlas Oakland gained 164 reviews in less than 16 months with Flamingo's review generation. They made it to the Elite 1% properties list in 2021. 

The Mason Flats Reviews Up / Rating Up

The Mason Flats went live in August 2023 and has since generated 16 new reviews, with a 0.2 point increase in their rating.

Admirals Cove Gained 13 Reviews in X Days

Admiral’s Cove opened in 2019 and after 3 years, only had 7 reviews. They turned on Flamingo’s review generation and immediately gained 13 new reviews.

Avidor Evanston Kickstarted Review Gen.

A 55+ community where residents typically don’t leave reviews, with Flamingo’s reputation feature, residents at Avidor Evanston started leaving reviews.

The Atworth 2 New Reviews / 1 Event

The Atworth at Mellody Farm hosted a family friendly movie night using Flamingo's event marketplace and as a result, gained two new 5-star Google Reviews.

Prairie Shores 400 New Reviews

Prairie shores went live in late 2022, since then they have generated 400 new reviews and increased their review rating by 1.4%!

Reviews don't grow on trees - you have to constantly ask residents.

But what happens when you task site teams with manual review generation?

The answer - not much! Elysian Living struggled with a manual method for 4+ years to get more reviews & improve ratings without success, until they started using Flamingo Review Generation.

The Old Way (work for teams + inconsistent)
Vs. The New Way (fully automated + always on)

The reason ratings don't change isn't because your site teams aren't trying, it's because they simply don't have the time to follow an extremely time consuming and repetitive process. 

With the new way, all of these things are 100% automated so your site teams can focus on resident experience.

How Flamingo Review Generation Works
To Get Multiple Reviews Per Resident

Our smart algorithm triggers review requests at key points along the resident journey, and identifies where that resident has previously left a review to evenly balance your ratings and review count across six major sites. 

The Result: Great reviews from the amazing work your team is doing

Typically, reviews are more likely to be left by residents who have had a negative experience, which is why ratings don't accurately represent a community or it's site team.


Humans are wired to remember bad experiences more than good ones.

This leads to a higher motivation to leave a review, if left unaddressed.

As a result, online reviews skew negatively across your profiles. 

With Flamingo’s review generation, we focus on the key points during the resident lifecycle to generate feedback, which accurately reflect your community.

Turn On Review Generation in 5 Mins.
Get Your 1st Review Within 24 Hours

Connect Your PMS

Flamingo integrates with your PMS systems (RealPage, Entrata, Yardi, RentManager) to seamlessly automate the review generation process.

Let Flamingo Take Over

Flamingo uses key points during the resident journey to trigger review requests including After Move-In, Resident Events, Maintenance Requests, Amenity Reservations, Renewal & Move-Out.

Cover All Your Review Sites

Prioritize specific review sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook,, ApartmentRatings, ApartmentGuide or build them up equally, thanks to our smart algorithm. 

Get Multiple Reviews Per Resident

Our smart algorithm encourages residents to leave reviews on all the sites, not just one, based on where they have previously left feedback.

Raise Rent & Increase Conversion

A good rating means you can charge more than comps who aren’t as highly rated - it's as simple as that. 

Why Positive Reviews Are So Important To
Top Apartment Operators

Below is a real review left by a prospect – not only did reviews change his buying decision, he left a 2 star review and as a result, 
influenced the decision of 3 others who found his review helpful.

Because rent is the largest monthly expense, 74%+ of renters read between 1 to 10 reviews before deciding. The average rating for apartments is 3.6/5.0 – boosting reviews help is the fastest way to stand out and:

Boost Visibilty

Google search results favor businesses with higher rating & review volume
Google's goal is to serve its consumers with the best available options. So if you have good reviews, Google ranks your property higher on their results list. If you don't have good reviews, you get pushed down to the very bottom.

Increase Conversions

More reviews and a higher rating leads to a higher lead-to-lease conversion rate.
When businesses reach the holy grail of 101+ reviews, conversion rates can increase by over 250%!

Raise Rent

64% of renters are willing to pay more for properties with positive reviews.
It's not just the end goal of revenue, but everything else improves. Your traffic increases, the number of tours increases, conversions increase, and most importantly, you can get a rent premium from higher reviews.

Automated Review Generation Is How The ORA Elite 1% Win Each Year

They are not better. They just use technology better…

1.0+ Avg.
Increase in Rating

Most clients see a 1.0+ average increase to their ratings across all tracked review sites.

Reviews Generated

FLamingo has generated over 5000 reviews for leading property management companies.

Completely Automated

All you have to do is connect your PMS and watch your reviews & ratings increase.


Start Generating Reviews TODAY!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to maintain this program?

No, once you turn the review generation on, it’s completely automatic. Sit back and watch the reviews come in!

Can we stop at any time?

Yes, just drop us an email and we can turn it off if you’re not satisfied. 

Is Flamingo data compliant?

Yes, we are compliant with….

Which data will be pulled from our PMS?

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Can we prioritize certain review sites?

Yes, you can prioritize specific review sites that may have a lower than average rating. You can change this anytime. 

Which PMS do you integrate with?

We integrate with all the major Property Management Systems including Yardi, RealPage, Entrata and RentManager.

How does Flamingo ask for reviews?

We prompt reviews through text and email at specific points during the resident lifecycle. 

How long does it take to implement?

It takes a few minutes to get the review generation up and running. 

How do we set up?

Get in touch and we’ll let you know what we need to get going. 

How long does it take to see results?

Results are immediate, however if you’re looking to change ratings on a well established property, we recommend leaving review gen on for minimum 1 year. The more reviews you have and the lower the rating, the longer it takes to change. 

How do we track results?

We have an indepth reporting system which can identify which reviews came from our program. We also have analytics on your ratings across all the major sites so you can focus your strategy accordingly. 

How does your program differ from others?

Flamingo Review Generation is one of a kind, and completely automated. 

Do you have a guarantee?

Although we don’t have a guarantee, we have a solid track record and countless case studies (shown above) which prove it works!

What benefits are there to higher ratings?

The benefits are endless, increasing your reviews leads to better conversion rate, higher Google rankings, more brand exposure and more leads.