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Review Generation | Available From Tier 3

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Flamingo’s review generation makes sure your online reviews reflect the great work your team is doing.

  • Review Generation
  • Review Generation
  • Review Generation

It’s all about timing

Reviews are mostly about timing. Unhappy residents leave reviews all the time; while happy residents are out there living their best life. Review prompts that are triggered after certain behaviors; like attending an event, having a maintenance issue resolved, 10 days after moving in, are the most effective way to convert those into positive reviews.

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Gain More Reviews
Than Ever Before

It’s vital to keep your reviews up to date and to have a variety of topics per review. With Flamingo, you can gain over 156 high-quality reviews per year of topics ranging from resident events, move-in experience, maintenance services, and more!

Dominate All The Review Sites

Stay on top of your online reputation by ensuring your ratings are high through Google, Yelp, and Apartments.com; all automatically. Flamingo smartly makes sure to prioritize the site that’s needed.

Gained 13 Reviews
Admirals Cove

Admirals Cove

Admiral’s Cove opened in 2019 and after 3 years, only had 7 reviews. They turned on Flamingo’s review generation and immediately gained 13 new reviews.

Made Elite 1%
Atlas Oakland

Atlas Oakland

Greystar's Atlas Oakland gained 164 reviews in less than 16 months with Flamingo's review generation. They made it to the Elite 1% properties list in 2021. 

Kickstarted Review Generation


A 55+ community where residents typically don’t leave reviews, with Flamingo’s reputation feature, residents at Avidor Evanston started leaving reviews.

2 New Reviews / 1 Event
The Atworth

The Atworth

The Atworth at Mellody Farm hosted a family friendly movie night using Flamingo's event marketplace and as a result, gained two new 5-star Google Reviews.

Atworth at Melody Farm | Flamingo Case Study

"We absolutely love living at the Atworth! The location is amazing, management goes above and beyond, and the maintenance team is impeccable."

Greystar’s The Atworth at Mellody Farm is a pet-friendly apartment community located in northern Illinois. Like many other residential developments, their management site team puts great effort into building a strong, engaging community through high-quality events. 

Their latest event was a family-friendly outdoor movie get together. To put it together, The Atworth used Flamingo’s event marketplace, which made it possible to organize the whole thing with just a few clicks. The event itself proved to be a hit, delivering not only a great time for their residents, but major ROI with 2 new positive Google reviews and resident-submitted event pictures. By using Flamingo’s marketplace and app to RSVP, the event resulted in amazing engagement, great social media presence and reviews to boost their reputation.

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How to Link Accounts

Manage > Reputation Management > Link Accounts

This triggers review prompts from residents actions through their life cycle for example after events, services & much more.

How to View Analytics

Analytics > Review Generation

If you are experiencing difficulty connecting review sources or require additional assistance with the Review Generation feature, please contact us via chat or at support@getflamingo.com and we’ll be happy to assist.