Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the app?

The app is free and you only pay if you want premium features like package management, custom integrations, automatic review generation or others.

Can this replace our resident portal?

Yes, but it’s up to you. Replacing your resident portal with Flamingo’s Resident Engagement App creates a better experience for your residents and saves you money. However, we can also integrate with your current portal if you prefer to keep both solutions.

What is the cost of events?

Events range from $69 to $700+ per event. The cost largely depends on if the event includes food, alcohol or how many people you want to attend.

Can we pick just the free parts?

Yes. There is no cost to get started with our Resident Engagement App. Signing on does not impact your budget at all!

What integrations are available?

We can integrate into almost every service or platform. The most popular integrations are PMS like Entrata, Yardi, RealPage, etc.

How can you offer such a great app for free?

We earn our revenue when residents book services like maids, dog walkers, trainers, etc on the app.

Can you clear our compliance process?

Yes, we already work with the major property management companies and have clearance in Compliance Depot, RMIS, Net Vendor and more!

Is your platform a la carte?

Yes, you can pick just one product or service or you can implement everything.

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