Digital Move In | Available From Tier 3

An effortless move-in, renewal, and move out process for site teams and residents alike.

Save thousands of man hours with an automated move-in process that’s personalized to your community and provides an amazing resident experience.


Automate the smaller, low-value tasks and give back time to your site teams to do what they do best; resident experience and resident engagement that increases NOI.


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  • Digital Move-In
  • Digital Move-In
  • Digital Move-In
  • Digital Move-In
  • Digital Move-In

Kick off the move-in journey, automatically

As soon as your PMS updates from "Applicant" to "Future,” Flamingo sets off the move-in process. No action is needed from your busy onsite team.

Automate and customize every touch point

Easily create automated emails to residents depending on what stage they’re in on their lifecycle. Request renter’s insurance 3 days before move-in, ask for a review 7 days after move-in, or send a congratulatory message after 1 year.

Monitor your residents’ progress and automate reminders

View resident profiles and track their progress. If a resident has an overdue task, Flamingo will automatically send reminders to help keep everyone on track and your records up to date.

Digital Move-In Checklists

Set up residents for a self-service onboarding

Every task residents complete means one less call to your site teams and brings residents closer to being fully onboarded and becoming a part of your community.

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Getting Started with your Digital Move-In

Getting Started

To setup your digital move in process login to your dashboard and go to:-


Manage > Move-in, Renewal and Move-out > Move-in Tasks


Here you can create any tasks that would pertain to the move-in process such as insurance, utilities, and scheduling a loading dock and elevator reservations and much more. 

If you are experiencing difficulty or require additional assistance with the Digital move-in feature, please contact us via chat or at and we’ll be happy to assist.