How To Squeeze Your Events With Marketing

Getting Started with Resident Events Marketing

When doing resident events, one aspect all property managers care about is the ROI. How do I prove my event was successful, got people excited and maybe even attracted a few prospects? Below are a few ideas for resident events marketing you can try out that will directly impact your resident event’s reach and ROI.

Partner with a non-profit

Tying your event to a non-profit or even to a member of your community that’s doing great work can help you get free media stories on different outlets. This strengthens and positions your brand in the community and attracts prospects from neighboring neighborhoods or even cities. As an example, you could do a blood run partnering with the Red Cross, campaigns around food donations, supporting women-groups.

PR Stories

Make it PR worthy by creating a narrative around what you’re doing and show photos of your team out there doing the work. Go out there, pitch your story and network with your local newspaper editor in chief. We recommend doing a bit of research around what’s happening in and around the community, there are always stories that you can tie up to your event, adding more juice to your pitch.


You already have the event space and a very specific target audience (your residents!), lots of brands would jump on the opportunity to co-host an event and would be happy to pay to get access to their target market (again, your residents!). Look at the local businesses that are around your property and think about the benefits they could bring for your residents. There are always big names around, the new trendy bar, the eccentric coffee shop, the up and coming beauty salon. Figure out who those people are get in touch with them. An example could be reaching out to a great brewery and organizing a beer tasting event.

Understand your residents and you’ll understand what type of brands you can work with. Reach out to media marketing agencies and tell them your ideas and residents profile to explore the possibilities. They’ll have a big enough network and will for sure be able to find someone you can partner up with.

Social Media

This sounds pretty basic but you’d be surprised at how many people get this wrong. Social media doesn’t mean “have social media profiles”. You want to have a consistent strategy that tells a story that people care about. When it comes to events, doing live broadcasts, creating hashtags, tagging people and vendors goes a long way. Use stories, videos and Tik-Toks to create event content that entertains and feels relatable.

Tying all of these together will give your events a big push in reach, ROI and brand awareness.

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