Spring Resident Event Ideas For This Year!

With the end in sight from the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some creative spring resident event ideas you can start doing that are a mix of virtual and in person. This is a nice way to slow ease back to in-person events  


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1. Virtual or Outdoor Sip & Paint

Paint & Sip events are always a resident favorite. Do it virtual or take outdoors. A nature or City Skyline Theme class might be just what residents need.

2. Virtual or Outdoor Sip & Paint

Arts & crafts resident events or resident events where residents have something physical to take home are always a hit. This event can be done virtually or in person outdoors.

3.  Outdoor Movie

A great resident event that is very family friendly. This can be done monthly and the best part is that you can have residents vote on what movies they want to see.

4.  Outdoor or Rooftop Fitness Classes

After a year of virtual classes, residents will enjoy being able to workout with others in real life.

5.  Flower Arrangement Class

What is more spring that flowers? This is fun event for residents to explore their creative sides and learn a new skill.

6.  Outdoor Live Comedy

Based on dating profile bios, 99.9% of people like to laugh. So bring on the laughs with an outdoor comedy show.

7.  Virtual or calligraphy 101 Class

A great resident event is one where residents get to learn a new skill and get something physical to take home. A calligraphy class covers all two – your residents get to learn a new skill and make phone postcards or art they can give to friends and family.

8.  Grab & Go Cocktails

This is really cheap and fun event that residents will love. Go to your local liquor store, grab some drinks and mixers. Have residents pick up from the lobby or hand deliver door by door. Hand delivering door to door is a great way to get some face time with residents who have been locked up in their units the last 12 months.

9.  Community-Wide Fitness Challenge

Lots of ways you can do this. Set a community goal like 1 million steps in 1 month and have residents track their steps on their own devices. Plan a community 5K. Do it virtual etc. Spice it up with prizes and social #sweatySelfie posts.

10.  Outdoor DJ Yoga and Brunch to Go

Fitness, live music, brunch…what could be a better resident event and way for your residents to start their Saturday morning?

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