12 Hot Ideas For Your 4th of July Resident Events

Summer is finally here, and it’s the perfect time for property managers to plan their resident events on the Flamingo Marketplace. As we’re approaching the most patriotic holiday, we have put together a list of top-notch 4th of July resident events for your residents to enjoy and take part in. From cajun cuisine to classic American bar trivia, there’s something for everyone. With Flamingo, you can easily book an event that will keep your residents entertained and satisfied.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our top 12 4th of July resident event ideas.


1. 4th of July Wing Fest

What’s a 4th of July celebration without some mouth-watering wings? This event will have your residents racing to try out different flavors and sauces. You can set up this event in your community, and countless vendors will flock to provide their best dishes.

Book from $650 here ➔


2. 4th of July Party | Cocktails & DJ

Who doesn’t love a good party? Take your resident event to another level with a themed 4th of July party with a DJ. This event offers the perfect opportunity for everyone to dance, drink, and be merry while celebrating America’s independence.

Book from $900 here ➔


3. 4th Of July Pool Party

Summer and swimming go hand in hand. A 4th of July pool party is a quintessential summer experience. Provide your residents with inflatable pool floats, water games, and poolside drinks and snacks to ensure a fun and memorable day.

Book from $1850 here ➔


4. 4th of July Cocktail Class

A cocktail class is an excellent way to teach residents the art of mixology while celebrating the 4th of July. Have them learn how to make the perfect specialty drinks to impress their friends and family at their 4th of July parties.

Book from $600 here ➔


5. 4th of July Casino Party & Dress Up

Add a bit of glitz and glamour to your 4th of July event with a casino night. Dress up in your best cocktail attire, look sharp and put together, and gamble the night away.

Book from $4500 here ➔


6. 4th of July Karaoke Night

Who doesn’t love to sing? Let your residents put their singing skills to the test with a karaoke event. From classic American rock songs to patriotic ballads, you can set the stage for your residents to shine.

Book from $700 here ➔


7. 4th of July Outdoor Movie Night | Classic American Comedies

On a warm summer night, there’s nothing better than watching a funny movie with your fellow residents under the stars. This event is perfect for everyone, especially for families with young children.

Book from $800 here ➔


8. 4th of July Live Band | Classic American Band Covers

Get your residents dancing with a live band event. Book a band that does covers of classic American hits, and have your residents rock the night away.

Book from $800 here ➔


9. 4th of July 90’s American Sitcom Trivia

Bring out your residents’ inner children with a trivia night that tests their knowledge of classic 90s sitcoms. From Friends to Seinfeld, your residents have opportunities to show off what they know.

Book from $450 here ➔


10. 4th of July American Cinema Movie Trivia

Bring back nostalgia and recall American cinema blockbusters that have made an impact worldwide. Residents will love the themed trivia night that tests their knowledge of everything American cinema.

Book from $450 here ➔


11. 4th of July Southern Style Cajun & Creole

This is a perfect event for foodies who love to indulge in Southern-style party foods. Provide your residents with Cajun and Creole specialty dishes, and everyone will feel like they’ve traveled deep south

Book from $605 here ➔


12. 4th of July Grilling 101

Celebrate the 4th of July by teaching your residents how to grill like pros. This event offers residents the chance to brush up on their grilling skills and impress their friends at the next barbecue they attend.

Book from $650 here ➔


Why book 4th of July Resident Events?

In conclusion, planning for resident events for 4th of July has never been easier with Flamingo Resident Events Marketplace. With these 12 event ideas, you’ll be able to celebrate America’s birthday with your residents like never before. Whether it’s a pool party, karaoke, or casino night, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Start planning today, and remember that with Flamingo, you’ll be able to book these events quickly, efficiently, and hassle-free. Happy Independence Day!

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