October Resident Event Ideas: Halloween-Themed Wine & Paint

October Resident Event Ideas: Halloween-Themed Wine & Paint

Increase Resident Engagement with Flamingo’s proven 5-star rated October Resident Event Ideas.

For October, take your resident’s imaginations to their deepest darkest fears with Halloween-Themed Wine and Paint Paint. BYOB Wine and Paint events allow residents to tap into their creative sides with a little help from the bottle. Let’s dive into October Resident Event Ideas: Halloween-Themed Wine & Paint

Bring a professional art instructor to the building with painting equipment, including a canvas for each resident. This particular canvas will be inspired by Halloween, allowing residents to paint their most ghoulish creation yet.

What’s Needed for a Halloween-Themed Wine & Paint

  • A professional artist & instructor
  • Painting canvas
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Floor cover
  • Alcohol

Space Requirements

Large space with ample floor space and chairs to accommodate at least 10-15 residents

Ways to Spice-up This Event

Include cheese plates and hors d’oeuvres for residents to sip, paint, and snack!

How to Take This to the Next Level

Offer Wine and Paint events throughout the year and then organize a Popup Art Gallery at the end of the year featuring art by your very own residents.

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The instructor was so cool!! I feel so inspired by her.

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