Resident Event Ideas for Spring

Resident events are an incredible tool for increasing engagement. They help you generate more interactions between residents and make people feel connected to their community. Below, we give you a list of 12 resident event ideas for spring to try out.

Even though events are a great starting point, your ultimate goal should be to produce experiences. Events are fantastic, but experiences are more impactful. They stay with people longer, creating deeper bonds with those you enjoy them with. Here are three easy ways you can create experiences from events, increasing attendance and boosting engagement:

  1. Add an educational touch. Residents love to learn new things and will jump at the opportunity! 
  2. Focus on themes and trends. Jump on trends and special occasions’ popularity and buzz! 
  3. Mix & match two or more events. A pizza party is cool, but a pizza party + a murder mystery is way cooler and more inviting! 

So without further ado, here are the top 12 resident event ideas for Spring that feel more like experiences:

1. Cereal Breakfast Bar

Cereal is the King of breakfasts, and that’s a fact. Have a fun cereal bar and make breakfast a fun experience for your residents; adults and kids alike! This is a fun, cheap event that takes a regular breakfast grab n’ go and elevates it something much more special.

Book for $600 here.

Cereal Breakfast Bar: Resident Event Idea for March

2. St. Patrick’s Day Party

Show your residents a shamrocking good time with a St. Patricks Day party! Green beer, music, snacks, and a great attitude are all you need to throw the best St. Patrick’s day Party. This is the perfect example of jumping on the current trends or themes. St. Patrick’s Day is just once a year, which gets residents excited and looking forward to the occasion.

Book for $1800 here.

3. Make Your Own Bagel Bar

Give your residents the chance to prepare a delicious bagel exactly how they like it! This great event can feed lots of people for a small budget, it has that instagrammable touch and it creates engagement and conversations with all the attendees. You can also turn this resident event into a monthly or weekly thing.

Book for $600 here.

4. Whiskey Tasting

Give your residents the chance to become the Whiskey connoisseur they always wanted to be! They’ll taste and learn from different varieties of whiskey from a professional mixologist and learn how to make their own Whiskey drinks. Educational resident events like this one are super popular and residents truly appreciate them. Learning something that you can take with your for the rest of your life has a huge impact on your community’s perception.

Book for $650 here.

5. Mardi Gras Party

Beads, music, masks, appetizers, and drinks! Your Mardi Gras party will make residents come together to dance, have fun and spend a fantastic night. Encourage your residents to come dressed up with carnival masks and maybe event set up a decorated space for pics. Make sure they tag you or brand the space!

Book for $1800 here.

Mardi Gras Party: Resident Event Idea for March

6. 90’s Sitcoms Trivia

Trivia time! Residents already go to their local bar for trivia night, so why not offer one at your property instead? Keep your residents entertained with a trivia night to test their knowledge on 90’s sitcoms, offer beer and popcorn and make attendees form teams for maximum interactions.

Book for $450 here.

7. Outdoor Movie Night: Oscar Nominees

Get residents Oscars ready with an outdoor movie night (or nights!) to watch Oscar-nominated movies! Outdoor movies are so much fun, and can be family-friendly if you choose the right movie. We’ve seen customers send out surveys with movie options for people to vote on, and that’s worked wonders with attendance and engagement. Try it out!

Book for $800 here.

8. Charcuterie Board Workshop

Put together an interactive workshop for residents to learn how to prepare tasty and beautiful charcuterie boards. Using meats, cheeses, and other delicious ingredients, residents will be able to customize to their liking. This is another amazing educational event that’s trendy, fun and instagrammable.

Book for $700 here.

Charcuterie Board Workshop: Resident Event Idea for March

9. March Madness Viewing Party

Every year when March arrives it means one thing… basketball! It’s officially March Madness season and college basketball fans everywhere will be gathering together to root for their favorite teams and bet on who they think is going to win it all. Invite your residents to watch the final championship game and enjoy food and drinks while cheering for their teams!

Book for $700 here.

10. Pop-up Art Gallery

A pop-up art gallery brought directly to your building! Residents can browse artwork from local artists while sipping wine and chatting directly with the artists about their work. They can even purchase artwork if they fall in love with a piece. This is a cool, classy, and unique event that will leave guests intrigued for the next one!

Book for $900 here.

11. Popcorn & Prosecco

Your residents pick the movie, you bring the popcorn and Prosecco! Turn your next movie night into a fun, unique experience with a variety of popcorn flavors and delicious Prosecco. This is a highly instagrammble event that will get residents extra excited. It’s super easy to produce and can accommodate as many people as your TV lounge can fit.

Book for $660 here.

12. Ramen-Making Class

Teach your residents the basic principles and techniques behind the art of making Ramen. They can learn about the different types of ramen and the ingredients behind each one. This class has been super popular for the last couple of months. COVID brought the trend of learning how to cook new types of foods, and this great resident event plays off of that.

Book for $660 here.

We recently had a webinar on this topic. You can find the ppt and the recording below:


For more information on how to book events, visit our resident events page

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