Fall Festivities: September Resident Event Ideas for Ultimate Engagement

September is a month of transition, where the warmth of summer meets the crispness of fall. It’s a time of new beginnings and fresh experiences. For multifamily, it’s also an ideal time to engage residents with exciting events that not only create community but also enhance the overall living experience. Here are some fantastic September resident event ideas that promise to be engaging, natural, and exciting!


Oktoberfest | September Resident Events

Oktoberfest (Sept 16)

Kick off the fall season with a bang by celebrating German heritage. This traditional event, held from September to early October, is perfect for residents to sample a variety of beers, sway to upbeat music, and relish delicious food. It’s one of the most anticipated resident events for September.

Book from $3,500 here ➔


Beer Tasting | September Resident Events

Beer Tasting

Dive deeper into the world of brews! This event is a toast to the art of brewing, allowing residents to sample a diverse range of local beers.

Book from $600 here ➔


Pie & Wine Tasting | September Resident Events

Pie & Wine Tasting

Elevate your September resident events with a sophisticated pie and wine tasting evening. Residents can indulge in mouth-watering pies paired with wines that complement them perfectly.

Book from $600 here ➔


Outdoor Movie Night | September Resident Events

Outdoor Movie Night

Bring the magic of the movies to your community with an outdoor theatre setup. It’s a relaxed, fun way to enjoy a film under the stars.

Book from $800 here ➔


Boozy Milkshakes | September Resident Events

Boozy Milkshakes Day

As summer winds down, what better way to bid it farewell than with boozy milkshakes? It’s a delightful twist on a classic treat, ensuring your resident event ideas for September are unforgettable.

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Apple Cider Cocktails | September Resident Events

Apple Cider Cocktails

Embrace the essence of fall with apple cider cocktails. These drinks, infused with the rich flavors of the season, are sure to be a hit at your resident events in September. 

Book from $600 here ➔


Yoga, Brinch & Mimosas | September Resident Events

Yoga, Brunch & Mimosas + DJ

Rejuvenate the body and soul with a morning yoga session, followed by a scrumptious brunch. The mimosas and DJ tunes will ensure the energy stays high and vibrant.

Book from $900 here ➔


Wine & Paint | September Resident Events

Wine & Paint (BYOB) Fall Edition

Unleash the inner artist in your residents with a paint and sip event. This fall edition, inspired by the changing seasons, is a creative way to celebrate September.

Book from $700 here ➔


Pancake Party | September Resident Events

Pancake Party

Who can resist a fluffy pancake? Host a pancake party with a smorgasbord of toppings, ensuring both adults and kids have a delightful time.

Book from $500 here ➔


Taco Bar & Drinks  | September Resident Events

Taco Bar & Drinks

Tacos are always a crowd-pleaser. A taco bar social, complete with a range of fillings and Mexican-inspired drinks, is bound to be a hit.

Book from $700 here ➔


Why Host Resident Events in September?

Hosting resident events, especially in a month as transitional as September, has numerous advantages. These events foster a sense of community, allowing residents to connect and form bonds. Moreover, satisfied residents are more likely to leave positive Google Reviews, which not only boosts the property’s online reputation but also aids in retention. A happy resident is more likely to renew their lease, making these events a win-win for both property managers and residents.

With the Flamingo Resident Event Marketplace, organizing these events has never been easier. Think of it as the Uber for resident events. Property managers can instantly book events, and Flamingo leverages its vast network of providers across the US to ensure the events are hosted seamlessly.

In conclusion, September is ripe with opportunities for multifamily property managers to engage their residents. With these resident event ideas for September, you’re sure to create memorable experiences that resonate with your community.

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