Halloween Howlers | The Top 5 Halloween Resident Event Ideas for Apartment Property Managers

Looking for the best way to entertain your apartment community with ghosts and goblins this Halloween? Keep your residents suitably spooked and in the mood for all things creepy this month with some Halloween resident event ideas that are guaranteed to be a hit.

Putting on a week or two of resident events dedicated to all things eery and unnatural is a playful way to remind residents why they love living in your community. Utilizing the Flamingo resident event marketplace, you can make sure all your halloween resident events are well-attended with Flamingo’s property branded resident engagement app that includes RSVP, rewards, and marketing built right in.

With fun (and candy!) being the point of the season, we’ve put together 5 of the very best Halloween resident event ideas that provide great photo opportunities, plenty of fun, and gets everyone involved.

Halloween Costume Party

Halloween Costume Party | Halloween Resident Event Ideas

Whether residents come as a kitty, a jack-o-lantern, or the villain from that obscure horror movie they love, a Halloween costume party is an eagerly awaited event that residents look forward to all year. Combine the fun of dressing up with drinks, candy, plenty of food, and some expertly chosen music and your residents will have a night to remember.

Booking through the Flamingo Events Marketplace means all you need to provide is a space suitable for your residents. We take care of the rest, including the DJ, the drinks, food, and any other supplies the night requires.

With guests looking their spookiest, why not get a costume competition started using your community’s social tools in the Flamingo resident engagement app to gauge the winner? Don’t forget to encourage tagging Instagram photos with your building’s hashtags too for maximum exposure.

Requirements: Large common area
Attendance: Room capacity
Price: $1800*
Rating: 3.7


Halloween Trivia

Halloween Trivia | Halloween Resident Event Ideas

What was the name of the classic 1979 horror movie based on alleged real events featuring a creepy old house? If you answered anything other than The Exorcist, then perhaps your residents will have more luck answering a series of fun Halloween-inspired questions with a night of trivia.

With questions ranging from supernatural lore, history, myth and legend, to pop culture, everyone can get involved in this Halloween Trivia night hosted by a 5-star Flamingo trivia facilitator or comedian that makes the whole event funny as well as challenging.

Residents will love competing in teams that can either be self-assigned for some friendly competition or randomized to encourage community building. The event lasts around 1.5 hours and requires enough space for 40 people. With some cash prizes on the line too, there’s plenty to play for.

Using the Flamingo platform, rewards, RSVP and marketing can all be handled within the Resident Engagement App, letting your community know everything ahead of time while encouraging maximum engagement.

Requirements: Large common area
Attendance: 40
Price: $450*
Rating: 4.2


Scary Movie for Halloween

Scary Movie | Halloween Resident Event Ideas

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a scare or two. What better way to have your residents sinking in their seats than an outdoor screening of a scary movie?

Whether your community are Freddie Krueger aficionados, or they scream at their own shadow, this is a smash-hit event with residents loving the scary atmosphere. Deck your space with creepy accessories, serve up a few drinks, offer some snacks, and everyone will remember the atmosphere of this event.

You’ll need a large enough space for residents to appreciate the surprisingly high-resolution screening and a scary movie to hand. Why not run a poll using Flamingo’s resident engagement app social feed to let your community choose a horror movie for themselves?

Requirements: Large outdoor space with electrical outlets
Attendance: Space capacity
Price: $800*
Rating: 4.6


Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder Mystery Dinner | Halloween Resident Event Ideas

Part 1 of this resident hit, the Murder Mystery Dinner brings out the inner detective from your residents with trained actors putting on an entertaining whodunit experience. While the culprit is in the room, residents can discuss their theories and suspicions over a 2-course dinner and wine, with a side dish included.

You’ll need a space large enough to sit your guests and for the actors to work their magic, spinning a suitably horrific yarn this Halloween that gets everyone talking.

Requirements: Large indoor space and tables
Attendance: 15
Price: $300*
Rating: 4.4


Murder Mystery Show

Murder Mystery Show | Halloween Resident Event Ideas

Available to book independently or along with the Murder Mystery Dinner, the Murder Mystery Show is the main Halloween event idea your residents have been waiting for. Performed by trained, professional actors, this is one of the most popular resident events for Halloween with everyone keen to attend.

Everything you need to solve the mystery is laid before residents, with the eagle-eyed and keenest thinkers of your community given the chance to crack the case. Residents will work as a team to think through the mystery and solve the crime, with engaging clues and plenty of twists along the way.

Simply book through Flamingo and we’ll get the buzz going using the Resident Engagement app. Streamlining the events process, the actors will bring everything they need with them including scripts for staff and residents to get involved.

Requirements: Large indoor space (+tables if booking dinner)
Attendance: 15
Price: $700
Rating: 5

Looking for more Halloween themed resident event ideas?

Check out the Flamingo Resident Event Marketplace to book any of these events or request your own property branded Resident Engagement app for more Halloween resident event ideas this October.
Book a demo now to learn more about how Flamingo can help with resident retention and engagement.

If you’re looking for more event ideas for October check out this article!

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