Top-Rated November Resident Event Ideas That Your Apartment Community Will Love

November Resident Event Ideas for your apartment community

With November bringing Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season, it’s time to start ramping up the November events for your apartment community. While the weather might not be perfect and the nights even longer, there’s still plenty to do to keep your residents engaged and having fun. Here are our top November resident event ideas that your apartment community will love

While the temptation is to simply wrap up warm, veg out, and hibernate with Netflix until Spring, November resident events can, instead, keep the fun times coming with plenty of diverse activities on offer through Flamingo’s Event Marketplace.

Below, we’ve put together a list of the top-rated resident event ideas for November, with Flamingo’s Resident Engagement App making the entire process as easy as ordering a pizza.


Karaoke Night | November Resident Event Ideas

Karaoke Night

Hosting a karaoke night for your residents this November is a guaranteed night of fun. Karaoke nights give residents the chance to get to know each a little better by belting out some of their favorite tunes. The night is a great opportunity for bonding, with residents revealing hidden talents, busting a few moves, and making the Spice Girls proud.

You’re going to need a large common area, ideally with a wall-mounted TV so the audience can remember the Summer of 69 too. Everything else can be handled by Flamingo’s event host who come with everything needed for the event.

Requirements: Large common area, TV with input jack (optional)
Attendance: Up to space capacity
Estimate: $700*
Rating: 4.4


Pop-Up Art Gallery | November Resident Event Ideas

Pop-up Art Gallery

Cool, classy, and saying everything about your property, a pop-up art gallery gives residents the chance to appreciate some unique artwork right in their own building. This November resident event idea brings together some of the area’s most impressive artists to create a bespoke art gallery in a lobby, function, room, or any large indoor space.

The event lasts 3-4 hours with artists in attendance to talk about their work with residents. With many residents looking to experience both culture and community fun, this is an event that a lot of people look forward to. With wine and cheese on tap and everything taken care of by your Flamingo event host, it’s a relaxed, social evening everyone enjoys.

Requirements: Large common area with plenty of wall or floor space (10-15 pieces)
Attendance: Room capacity
Estimate: $900*
Rating: 4.7


Whiskey Tasting | November Resident Event Ideas

Whiskey Tasting

Whether they’re a single malt connoisseur or sitting on the fence, this whiskey tasting session gives your residents the chance to sample a fine selection of drinks and discover some new tastes. With an expert mixologist on hand to explain what they’re tasting, residents can learn to appreciate the different varieties of whiskey and the differences therein.

This is a super simple event to set up requiring a large enough space and a workspace large enough to serve drinks on. There’s very little setting up and it’s always one of the more well-attended resident events, November or otherwise, with people looking to learn (and drink) all-things whiskey.

Requirements: Demonstration kitchen, club room, or large common area with a table/counter
Attendance: Room capacity
Estimate: $650*
Rating: 4.7


Casino Night | November Resident Event Ideas

Casino Night

Encourage your guests to don their finest and enjoy an evening shooting dice. One of the more exciting November resident event ideas, a Casino Night gives a community the chance to look their best, take plenty of pictures, and prove they’ve got nerves of steel betting it all on red.

This is a great event to break up the long Fall evenings and residents really enjoy the casino atmosphere. Your Flamingo host will provide casino staff as well as set up the games and tables, plus catering can be provided if required. Make use of the Flamingo resident app too and we’ll even handle the marketing, RSVPs and rewards for you, including promotional flyers and delivering post-event recaps to remind residents about fun times.

Requirements: Large community room
Attendance: Room capacity
Estimate: $4500*
Rating: 4.2


Wine & Chocolate Tasting | November Resident Event Ideas

Wine and Chocolate Tasting

There are not many things better than an evening sampling some of the world’s finest chocolate, but doing so with a glass of wine is definitely one. This slower-paced, sociable event gives residents the chance to catch up as they taste a range of artisanal chocolates, expertly paired with complimentary wines.

Book through the Flamingo Event Marketplace, provide adequate space and 30 minutes prior to the event your professional wine and chocolate expert will arrive with everything on hand, including supplies and utensils.

Requirements: Indoor space
Attendance: Room capacity
Estimate: $600*
Rating: 4.7


Wine & Paint | November Resident Event Ideas

Wine & Paint (BYOB)

Giving your residents the chance to demonstrate their artistic flair, a Wine & Paint evening is one of the more relaxed November resident event ideas. Residents are encouraged to bring their own bottles of wine to let both the creativity and the hijinks flow.

The event is hosted by a professional artist that will give guidance and tips to your community. Helped along by wine, there’s an encouraging atmosphere that supports everyone from beginner to advanced painters. This is a great chance for organic social marketing too by encouraging residents to share their work on socials and tag your property.

Requirements: Indoor or outdoor space
Attendance: Room capacity
Estimate: $700 (estimate)
Rating: 4.7


Ramen-Making Class | November Resident Event Ideas

Ramen-Making Class

Residents often request events that are useful as well as fun, and a Ramen-Making Class ticks both boxes. This class teaches residents everything they need to get started making their own rich Japanese noodle soups.

They’ll get to experience a variety of different types of ramen and the essential ingredients of each, with the chance to put their own spin on things too. The class takes a couple of hours and is a hands-on, interactive activity that results in a delicious bowl of ramen at the end of it that residents can eat at their leisure.

Simply book through Flamingo and let our RSVP tools let residents know everything they need to, ensuring attendance is maxed out.

Requirements: Indoor space with counter space and access to a sink
Attendance: 20
Estimate: $600
Rating: 4.1


Baking 101: Pie Basics | November Resident Event Ideas

Baking 101: Pie Basics

November is prime pie season with many of us looking forward to indulging in more than a few slices. One of the best resident event ideas for November, then, is a pie-making class where residents not only get to make some delicious pastry treats but share them with your community too.

The event is hosted by a professional pastry chef and everything your residents will need is provided. Residents will learn techniques for creating the perfect pastry and how to make the most delicious fruity fillings, all cooked to perfection. With the smell of pie in the air, it won’t just be the attendees talking about this one.

Requirements: Indoor, counter space with access to a sink
Attendance: 20
Estimate: $600
Rating: 4.1


Winter Cocktails 101 | November Resident Event Ideas

Winter Cocktails 101

As the weather takes a turn for the worse, residents will need no excuse to warm themselves up with a warming cocktail or two. This hands-on mixology class teaches residents everything they need to know about mixing their own winter cocktails, including how to create the perfect Thanksgiving beverages.

The class walks residents through the steps with a professional mixologist on hand to give advice and teach recipes your community can use throughout the holidays. Everything’s provided including alcohol, mixers, and garnishes with Flamingo handling the entire promotion and RSVP process should your property use the Resident Engagement app.

Requirements: Indoor space
Attendance: Room Capacity
Estimate: $500
Rating: 4.4


Comedy Performance | November Resident Event Ideas

Comedy Performance

Keep the blues away and get your community laughing with a live comedy performance hosted in your building. Residents can enjoy a professional comedian performing for 45-60 minutes with some of the area’s funniest acts on offer.

Alongside a few drinks and some catering, this event can provide residents with a memorable evening of jokes with acts quickly acclimatizing to the room and delivering off-the-cuff fun. With Flamingo’s post-event recaps and reminder features, the memories can be relived later too, something especially useful come renewal season.

Requirements: Event space
Attendance: 50+
Estimate: $500
Rating: 3.9


Need more November Resident Event Ideas and beyond?

If you’re looking to really go all out this November and pack the month with activities, check out Flamingo’s Event Marketplace. As part of the Flamingo Resident Engagement platform, property managers can book events easily, leaving the promotion, RSVPing, hosting, and marketing to Flamingo HQ.

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