Valentine’s Day Resident Event Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so we thought we’d help you out with a few valentines resident event ideas that will make your community feel all loved up.

As property managers, you want to keep your residents engaged and happy, and doing “themed” events is a great way to do that. So prepare yourselves, because valentines resident events are about to get real corny and we LOVE it 💖

Valentines Resident Event Ideas You Can Try Out

Wine & Cheese Tasting

A charming wine and cheese tasting for couples is a great option as a valentines resident event. Plus, it’s got alcohol and that’s always a good idea, delicious snacks, and an educational element. Residents appreciate learning something new, and who wouldn’t want to learn how to pair creamy cheeses with amazing wine?

Also, this (as the majority of the event ideas on this list) can be done virtually as well!

Wine & Paint Day

Inspire your resident couples with this fun Sip n’Paint event! People love this event because of its relaxed atmosphere, and it’s perfect for Valentines. Couples can create wonderful works of art and gift it to each other. You could also organize a cute little exhibition with everyone’s work.

Shortbread Cookies Cooking Class

With Valentine’s come cookies, chocolates and flowers. With a Shortbread Cookies Cooking Class, your residents will take a regular cookie place to a whole new level. We love this event because it gives couples the opportunity to cook together something that they can enjoy right after the class.

Romantic Outdoor Movie

Dinner and a movie, anyone? How about decorating your outdoor space, giving out candy and chocolate and playing a romantic movie? This resident event is not only Valentine’s approved, it’s also socially distant! A fun thing to do to get even more engagement is to send out a survey beforehand so that attendees can choose which movie they’d like to see.

Wine & Chocolate Tasting

It doesn’t get more Valentine’s than wine and chocolate. This super popular event feels even more special if you pair it with Valentine’s Day, doesn’t it? Couples can learn all about the perfect wine and chocolate pairings while enjoying each other’s company. More importantly, it takes a normal evening to whole new level and is for sure to be well attended, which means positive ROI for you (specially if you ask them to share their pics!)

Casino Night

What does a Casino Night have to do with Valentine’s, you say? Well, an elegant casino night gives your residents the perfect excuse to dress up and “go out” without really going out. It’s a great date night because it includes drinks, betting and socializing with other couples! There’s a reason people love casino nights and using one for a Valentine’s Day resident event is sure to be popular.

Single’s Mingle

You’re bound to have a big population of single residents in your property, so it’s not nice to leave them behind. It doesn’t have to be a full-on Speed Date event. A Single’s Mingle could be a fun, relaxed cocktail party where people wear name tags and socialize. Easy, breeze, beautiful.

Other Resident Engagement Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Ok, we’ve covered a few great resident events you can try out this Valentine’s Day for couples (and even singles!), but what about general cool things you can give out to your whole community? Check out the ideas below:

Valentine’s cards and chocolates: Simply printing out a nice Valentine card and passing it along with some Kisses (the chocolates!) goes a long way!

Pet treats to spoil your residents furry friends: If your property is pet friendly, I can bet your residents love spoiling their pets. How cool would it be to show them you care by giving them cute Valentine’s Day snacks for them?

Brownie cake pops: They’re fun, delicious and so cute! Brownie cake pops are the perfect Valentine’s Day snack to go. Put them out in the lobby and enjoy the smile on your residents’ faces.

Decorate part of your lobby as a photo area: Get balloons (heart-shaped? YES!) , flowers and maybe even glitter! Residents can take pics and upload them to Instagram. You’ll get a ton of mentions and tags!

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