Engage Your Apartment Community With These Thanksgiving Resident Event Ideas

Engage Your Apartment Community With These Thanksgiving Resident Event Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to kick off the holidays with some Thanksgiving resident event ideas. Thanksgiving is a chance for residents to get together, have fun, eat far too much food, and appreciate being part of the same apartment community.

Thanksgiving resident event ideas that help create communities

Thanksgiving is a natural time for people to get together. For multifamily properties, you can engage residents this time of year by hosting some suitably themed Thanksgiving resident events. Eating together, learning as a group, and enjoying a glass of something nice in each other’s company can turn neighbors into friends, allowing strong links to grow within your property. Throw in social tools like those in Flamingo’s Resident Engagement app, and before you know it, you’ve got a healthy, lively apartment community that others want to be part of.

To help get things started, we’ve put together our top 5 Thanksgiving resident event ideas below that are proven hits. Best of all, if your property is part of the Flamingo Resident Engagement platform, everything’s already taken care of. Simply browse our resident event marketplace, book a Thanksgiving resident event and leave the rest to us.


Turkey Cooking Class | Thanksgiving Resident Event Ideas

In-Person or Virtual Turkey Cooking Class

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without turkey, but it’s also something not all residents will be familiar with cooking. This virtual cooking class offers your community the chance to refine their Turkey cooking skills and give it some flair! After the event, residents will be armed with everything they need to know about trimming, preparing, and serving up the star of the Thanksgiving meal, including all the fixings!

The class is overseen by a trained professional chef who is ready to give advice and answer questions whenever needed. Communities find this class especially fun not only due to the occasional Turkey drama but because the skills learned can be used in the future. Encouraging residents to share their perfectly cooked Turkey on socials is a great way to boost property awareness too.

Requirements: Kitchen with oven
Attendance: 20+ residents for in-person or unlimited for a virtual class
Price: $420+
Rating: 4.5

Pie & Wine Tasting | Thanksgiving Resident Event Ideas

Pie & Wine Tasting

One of the best things about Thanksgiving is the chance to indulge in your favorite pie. Add wine to the mix and you’ve got a real celebration on your hands! Residents will get the chance to sample slices of their favorite pies such as spiced pumpkin and fruit meringue pastries, prepared and served by a professional pastry chef on site. As if the smell of delicious pie wafting through the building isn’t enough, they’ll also be expertly paired with wines specially chosen to enhance and complement flavors.

With plenty of wine and pie selections on offer, all resident tastes are catered for. This event is a great way to end an evening after a meal or movie together and really gives residents something to talk about.

Requirements: Demonstration kitchen or counter space with sink access
Attendance: 20-30
Price: $600
Rating: 4.3

Fall Festival | Thanksgiving Resident Event Ideas

Fall Festival

If you really want to go all out this Thanksgiving, consider booking a Fall Festival through Flamingo’s event marketplace. Over the span of three hours, residents will enjoy a one-of-a-kind festival right on their property grounds. Think apple cider cocktails, pie tasting, candy apples, a professional DJ to play some tunes, and of course, plenty of drinks on offer.

This event is a real hit among residents. and You can even invite prospects who might enjoy the chance to wrap up warmly, spend a little time outside, and let their hair down for a few hours. As an optional extra, consider providing pumpkins and carving kits. Using Flamingo’s social features, you can then run a competition for best and worst pumpkin carving and encourage residents to share their masterpieces (or fails).

Requirements: Outdoor space
Attendance: Up to space capacity
Price: $3200
Rating: 4.4

Apple Cider Cocktails | Thanksgiving Resident Event Ideas

Apple Cider Cocktails

No Thanksgiving resident events ideas list is would be complete without some apple cider cocktails. As Fall is the perfect time for apples, it’s fitting to offer residents the chance to enjoy the fruit, albeit in the form of delicious boozy drinks.

Booking this event sees a licensed mixologist arrive on site, set up their station, and mix apple cider cocktails for your residents to enjoy. With garnishes, panache, and style, the mixologist will create flavors of the season with cinnamon and spices aplenty as well as refreshing, lighter cocktails too.

Residents can enjoy apple cider cocktails as a standalone event or as part of a bigger evening such as kicking off a community Thanksgiving meal. The spectacle of the mixing itself and the various flavors make for good conversation pieces and helps the evening flow.

Requirements: Demonstration kitchen or counter space
Attendance: 20
Price: $600
Rating: 4.2

Pie Baking 101 | Thanksgiving Resident Event Ideas

Baking 101: Pie Basics

While it’s nice to have pie made for you, there’s something satisfying and homely about making your very own at Thanksgiving. Providing ample photo opportunities for renewal recaps and promotion, this Pie Basics class is a fun introduction for residents to make their own pies from scratch and makes for a great bonding experience.

Using the fruits of the season, residents will follow the instructions of an on-site professional pastry chef who provides everything needed for the event. Residents will learn the secrets to creating moreish fillings and the perfect pie crust, ready to impress their friends and family, as well as the property community!

Be ready for a well-attended event because with scrumptious pies being made this one’s popular!

Requirements: Demonstration kitchen or counter space with sink access
Attendance: 20
Price: $600
Rating: 4.1

Want more Thanksgiving resident event ideas?

Get the Flamingo resident engagement app for your property and you’ll have access to hundreds of resident events directly through the platform. Residents can RSVP, post pictures, discuss the events, and build hype.

Book a demo with our team or Create an Account Free now to see how Flamingo can help build your community this Thanksgiving.

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