November Resident Event Ideas: Resident Hosted Potluck Dinner

Increase Resident Engagement with Flamingo’s proven 5-star rated November Resident Event Ideas: Resident Hosted Potluck Dinner

For November, create a strong sense of community without breaking the bank by organizing a resident hosted pre or post Thanksgiving potluck dinner. Better yet, host it the day of Thanksgiving for residents who might not have family. Let’s dive into November Resident Event Ideas: Resident Hosted Potluck Dinner.

What makes an event like this so great is that there are so many residents who will be home without much to do and who will really appreciate having people to spend Thanksgiving with.

Best of all, this is an event that can be done without impacting your budget since all the food will be supplied by residents. All your site team has to do is provide the space like your club room, resident lounge, or demo kitchen.

What’s Needed for a Resident Hosted Potluck Dinner

Sign-up sheet: create a paper or electronic sign up sheet that residents can use to signup and put down what dishes, side dishes, or beverage they will be bringing. Review the sheet occasionally to ensure there is good balance… you don’t want to end up with a dinner with 50 mac and cheese sides and nothing else. Here is a pre-made google sheet you can use. Make sure at least one person is assigned the lead role and can help with coordinating cleanup afterwards.

Space Requirements

Club Room, Resident Lounge, or Demo Kitchen.

Ways to Spice-up This Event

The property can purchase beverages for the dinner. If possible, have your staff get involve and make your own dishes and join residents for dinner. There is nothing better than a meal with your residents to get to know them in a more relaxed atmosphere.

How to Take This to the Next Level

Make it a real family affair by bringing board games, trivia, and other games that residents can play before or after dinner.

Our Favorite Events Booked In October

An Atlanta community booked A Murder Mystery Dinner. Who done it?

A Chicago community booked a Halloween Party and invited the neighborhood. What a clever way to increase foot traffic!

A new Phoenix Community booked a Grand Opening Event. The LED Glow Dancer was a crowd favorite.

A Pleasanton, CA community booked a Pumpkin Pies and Carving Class. While the kids carved, the parents sipped.

A Chicago community booked a Halloween Magic Show. A resident said “Loved the event- great idea to have a magic show for Halloween”

For more November Resident Event Ideas, visit our marketplace and browse the top resident events available from Flamingo or check out our blog for the latest ideas.

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