August Resident Events: Move The Retention Needle with our Our August Line-Up

August Resident Events by Flamingo

As we bask in the warmth of summer and welcome the arrival of August, there’s no better time to strengthen the sense of community within your multifamily properties. At Flamingo, we understand the importance of fostering camaraderie and connection among residents, which is why we’ve developed an easy-to-use resident event marketplace, where you can plan unforgettable events with just a few clicks. From the magic of an Outdoor Movie Night to the laid-back joy of a Happy Hour, we have an exciting line-up of resident events for August.

Whether it’s a refreshing dip during our Pool Party, a sweet journey through an in-house Ice Cream Crawl, a leisurely morning with our Breakfast Coffee & Muffins Mornin’ or a cheers to International Beer Day with a Beer Tasting session on August 4th, Flamingo ensures your August is packed with events that delight. So buckle up and get ready to dive into our top 10 recommended resident events for August, guaranteed to enhance your community’s summer experience!

Move the Retention Needle with August Resident Events

Hosting resident events at your multifamily property isn’t just about putting up some decorations and hoping for the best. Oh no, it’s a bit like throwing a really great party – you’re crafting experiences, sparking laughter, and creating a buzzing atmosphere that gets your residents chatting and connecting. It’s like turning your property into a social hotspot, where shared stories are as common as shared hallways.

Why does that matter? Because the more your residents feel like they’re part of a thriving, vibrant community, the more they’ll want to stick around. They’ll see renewing their lease not just as re-upping a rental agreement, but as choosing to stay part of the ‘in-crowd’.

So, instead of viewing lease renewals as a somewhat dry, business-like process, think of it as a sequel to a hit show – “Lease Renewal: The Return of Happy Residents!”. With Flamingo’s lineup of August resident events, you’ve got the perfect plot devices to keep your audience hooked, leading to better resident retention and a whole lot of smiles!

Outdoor Movie Night | August Resident Events

Outdoor Movie Night

When it comes to resident events, there’s nothing quite like outdoor movie night! Residents will love the excitement of gathering outside for a night under the stars with popcorn and snacks to watch their favorite films. Our 16-foot to 32-foot screens will guarantee that everyone in attendance is able to get an immersive viewing experience. We also provide onsite attendants so you can be sure that everything from setting up the projector to starting the presentation will go smoothly. Plus, our DVD/Blu-ray player should cover most films, but if you want to use any other device, we are happy to accommodate as long as you provide any adapters necessary. With Outdoor Movie Night Resident Event, your property management team can show residents just how fun life in your community can be!

Book from $800 here ➔

Pool Party | August Resident Event Ideas

Pool Party

Are you looking for the perfect way to take your resident events to the next level? Look no further than our amazing Pool Party Resident Event! This isn’t just another run of the mill party…we guarantee it’s an event that will have your residents raving about for a long time! From the top-notch music provided by a professional DJ, mouth-watering drinks prepared by an experienced in-house mixologist to tantalizing light appetizers, this is sure to be a party like no other! It’ll certainly be a night your residents won’t forget. Plus, with everything taken care of for you, event planning and execution has never been easier.

Book from $1850 here ➔

In House Ice Cream Crawl | Resident Event Ideas for August

In-house Ice Cream Crawl

Are you looking for a fun activity to host for your residents? Look no further than The Flamingo’s in-house ice cream crawl resident event! Instead of making residents go from ice cream shop to ice cream shop, why not bring the ice cream right into their building? We provide all the necessary supplies: a delicious variety of flavors, a selection of toppings, utilities, and even a friendly Flamingo Host! Our flavorful blend of carefully crafted choices will tantalize the taste buds of every resident. Whether it’s rocky road or banana split, we guarantee everyone will find an ice cream treat that they enjoy.

What’s more, if any leftovers are too tempting to resist (and let’s be real here – it happens), flavorings can easily be stored for later indulgence. The only thing missing is you and your community! So what are you waiting for? Book our in-house ice cream crawl resident event today and treat your residents with something special.

Book from $540 here ➔

Happy Hour | August Resident Event Idea

Happy Hour

Give your residents a break from the craziness of their day with our Happy Hour Resident Event service! Our team will create a fun and easy social event at your property that includes wine, beer and light appetizers to keep everyone in good spirits. No need to worry about long lines or making special reservations, we’ll bring the Happy Hour right to your doorstep. Residents will love our top-quality wines and beers – all carefully curated for their enjoyment. Everyone deserves an enjoyable moment after a busy day, so why not treat your favorite people with our Happy Hour Resident Event service?

Plus, you can choose any day of the week to host – this makes it easier for everyone to join in on the fun! Let us provide that extra boost of socializing that every multifamily property needs. Contact us now and let’s get started creating happy memories!

Book from $600 here ➔

Breakfast Bagel Bar | August Resident Event

Breakfast Bagel Bar

If you’re looking to wow your residents and keep them engaged, our Breakfast Bagel Bar Resident Event is the perfect way to do it! For a small budget, give your residents the chance to make their favorite breakfast bagel just how they like it – with crème cheese, sauces, bacon, vegetables, and more. Plus, we’ll provide a professional Chef to assist with the preparation! It’s an experience that will have everyone talking (and eating) for days. So give your residents a delicious dining experience that only they can create and watch as the positive reviews start rolling in. The Breakfast Bagel Bar Resident Event is sure to be a hit at any multifamily property!

Book from $600 here ➔

Pancake Party | August Resident Events

Pancake Party

Are you looking for an easy, entertaining way to keep your residents happy and connected? Look no further than our amazing Pancake Party Resident Event! It’s a fun-filled event perfect for kids, adults, and everyone in between! With all the ingredients and food provided by us, you can throw a great pancake party that takes care of the stress and hassle. It’s time to fire up the griddle because our Pancake Party Resident Event has got it all! Residents of all ages will love flipping pancakes and trying out delicious toppings. Bring your community together with this lighthearted event packed with tasty treats.

Book from $500 here ➔

Make Your Own Mojito Day | Resident Events for August

Make-Your-Own Mojito Day

Take your residents’ measure of fun to a whole new level! Introducing our interactive and educational Make-Your-Own Mojito Day Resident Event. Our mixologist will come to you and provide an insightful master class on mojito preparation. From learning the history behind the cocktail, to mixing the perfect combination of alcohol, mixers and ingredients – your residents are sure to have an unforgettable time.

Enjoy a few laughs as they sip away and make their way through all of the various flavors. So sit back and let us do the work – your residents will be walking away with an enhanced appreciation for delicious craft cocktails! Plus, it’s a great chance for them to get together, meet each other, and create some life-long memories along the way. Let’s raise those glasses and cheers to good times with Make-Your-Own Mojito Day Resident Event!

Book from $600 here ➔

DJ | August Resident Event Ideas


Are you looking for an exciting event that your residents will be begging to attend? Look no further than DJ Resident Event! With a goal of keeping the whole crowd engaged and having a good time, our professional DJs spin tracks throughout different decades, from oldies to the latest tunes. They bring all the equipment necessary – speakers and sound systems – so all you have to do is make sure everyone’s able to be there! Plus, we’ll set it up and take it down for you. No need to worry about any of the arrangements – just sit back, relax, and let us do the work. So don’t wait – add a little flare of music into your next event with DJ Resident Event!

Book from $600 here ➔

Beer Tasting | Resident Event Ideas for August

Beer Tasting (International Beer Day Aug 4th)

Ah, beer. It’s one of the world’s oldest and most beloved beverages, and it looks like your tenants couldn’t agree more! That’s why we’re proud to offer our International Beer Day Resident Event this August 4th – an event that celebrates the beauty of great beer! Your residents will get to sample a variety of local brews with expert guidance from a beer tasting expert. We provide all the supplies and utensils, plus 3-4 different beer selections (6-8 oz per person). And there’s nothing quite like gathering together to enjoy some good suds and chat about sports or current events.

Book from $600 here ➔

Breakfast Coffee & Muffins | Resident Events for August

Breakfast Coffee & Muffins Mornin’!

At Breakfast Coffee & Muffins Mornin’!, we know that mornings can feel a bit sluggish sometimes. But here’s the good news: you can get your residents out of bed and ready to face the day with a smile! Start their day by hosting our Breakfast Coffee & Muffins Mornin’! Resident Event and give them something special to look forward to after they’ve hit the snooze button one (or two or three!) times. Our event comes complete with all the fixings, including an assortment of tempting muffins, fresh coffee, cream, sugar, utensils, and additional toppings for those extra picky eaters among us. It’s more than just breakfast – it’s a fun way to start off each day! So don’t delay any longer – sign up now for your own Breakfast Coffee & Muffins Mornin’! Resident Event today and your residents will be thanking you every single morning!

Book from $500 here ➔


As we’ve journeyed through the sunny delights that our August resident events have to offer, it’s clear that there’s more to being a property manager than just managing properties. It’s about orchestrating experiences that inspire connection and create a sense of belonging. These lively events are not only a surefire way to sprinkle fun into your residents’ lives but also a proven strategy to build a community that residents can’t wait to call home, year after year. With Flamingo’s resident event marketplace at your disposal, you’ve got the power to transform your multifamily property into a buzzing hive of engagement.

So, gear up for an unforgettable summer filled with laughter, cheers, and many lease renewals. Make this August not just another hot summer month but a memory-filled community fest with Flamingo!

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