December Resident Event Ideas: Holiday-Themed Cocktail Making Class

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Ah the holidays…some hate them, some like them, and some love them. However your residents feel about this time of year, this special event is sure to be a crowd favorite. SO what are the best December resident event ideas for this season…

Help residents get into the holiday spirit with a Holiday-Themed Cocktail Making Class. In this hands-on course, residents build and enjoy their very own cocktail creations! A professional mixologist will take the class through the world of mixology including techniques, drinks, recipes and basic equipment.

What’s Needed for a Holiday-Themed Cocktail Making Class

  • A professional mixologist
  • Hard Alcohol
  • Ice Machine
  • Holiday Mixers
  • Holiday Garnishes
  • Equipment like shaker, jigger, and stirrers

Space Requirements

An event like this can take place in your demo kitchen, resident lounge, or outdoor amenity areas (if you’re lucky enough to live someplace warm). The space should have plenty of counter or table space since residents will be observing the mixologist while also mixing their own cocktails. If the space has an ice machine, the mixologist would be even happier.

Ways to Spice-up This Event

Include appetizers and snacks like nuts so residents have things to munch on during this resident event

How to Take This to the Next Level

Offer cocktail making events throughout the year. Then organize a cocktail making challenge at the end of the year where a select group of residents who have attended the most number through the year make cocktails and another group of residents judge the concoctions to pick a winner.

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Recent Feedback About This Event:

Fantastic event! Lee was great. Do more of these please!

Alternative Text
Lee Z, Resident, Aston Chicago (Greystar), Chicago

“Our Favorite Events From November”

A Chicago community hosted a Friendsgiving Happy Hour. The mac & cheese was fire I tell you!

A Philadelphia community hosted an An Art Gallery & Reception and invited the neighborhood. Another clever way to increase foot traffic!

A Chicago Community hosted a Family Feud event. Neighbors really are family!

A Minneapolis community hosted a Casino Night. Some residents placed it all on the line.

A DC area community hosted a Pie & Wine Pairing. They go together like airplanes and peanuts!

An Atlanta community hosted a Winter Wonderland Themed Wine & Paint. That’s one way to get into the holiday spirit.

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