10 Fun June Resident Event Ideas: How to Keep Your Community Engaged and Entertained

June is the perfect time to take planning resident events to the next level. It can be a real challenge to come up with June resident event ideas that everyone will enjoy and engage with, but Flamingo’s Resident Events Marketplace makes it easy. We’ve gathered together the top 10 June resident event ideas that you won’t want to miss so you can provide your residents with an incredible and memorable experience while saving countless hours of event planning.

Flamingo takes June resident events planning to the next level, handling all marketing, RSVPs, hosting, attendance data, surveys, event pics for social media, and review requests for Google, Facebook, Yelp and more. With Flamingo’s Resident Events Marketplace you can save time and effort in planning activities while ensuring that your residents have a blast!


Happy Hour | Resident Event Ideas for June | Flamingo

Happy Hour

The perfect way to keep your residents feeling connected with each other and your properties! Your onsite Flamingo Host will provide a fun time filled with tasty adult beverages, savory light appetizers, and plenty of opportunity for great conversations. Say goodbye to tedious resident events where you only get boring conversations and dull dishes; this is something that is sure to keep your residents excited and engaged! Who doesn’t love a relaxing happy hour with some wine, beer, and tasty appetizers? Whether you’re looking to connect current residents or draw new prospects into your pool of future residents, hosting a Happy Hour is an easy way to make sure that your multifamily properties stay ahead of the curve.

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Epic Pool Party | Resident Event Ideas for June | Flamingo

Epic Pool Party + Entertainer

Summer Solstice is just around the corner, and so is the perfect opportunity to kick it off with a bang! On June 21st, why not show your residents how much you appreciate them by throwing them an Epic Pool Party and Entertainer Resident Event in June? From catering with food and drinks to live music for entertainment, your Flamingo Host can provide everything you need to make this summer solstice party out of this world. With all of our Catering services including utensils, equipment, and staff too – we’ll bring the necessary gear to create a party setup that will be truly EPIC. And don’t forget about our selection of fun entertainers who are sure to take things up a notch like Magician’s to sketch artists or perhaps some comedic relief. The possibilities are endless! Make this summer Solstice extra special for your residents with an unforgettable event.

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Summer Smoothies | Resident Event Ideas for June | Flamingo

Summer Smoothies

Our Summer Smoothies Resident Event idea for June is the perfect way to help your residents cool down while learn how to make delectable, balanced smoothies that are good for both their waistline AND their taste buds. Our experienced professionals create an immersive learning experience as they provide each participant with fresh ingredients and expert direction needed to build a balanced smoothie. We offer recipes that are vegan, gluten-free, and naturally sweetened. Plus – who doesn’t love sipping on a cold smoothie in summer? Not only is this June resident event idea an enjoyable way to promote better health at your multifamily property, but it’s certain to be a hit!

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Yappy Hour | Resident Event Ideas for June | Flamingo

Yappy Hour

Feeling the need to mix it up and make your community stand out? Look no further than Yappy Hour! We offer a unique event that is sure to draw out all of your residents; including the two and four-legged ones. Who could resist an opportunity to mingle with furry friends, accompanied by delicious snacks, beer, and wine? Let Yappy Hour be your go-to for making lasting memories with the tenants you know and love. Our Flamingo Host will provide beer, wine, light appetizers, and even treats for the pups – ensuring everyone has a pawsome time!

Book from $600 here


Wine & Paint | Resident Event Ideas for June | Flamingo

Wine & Paint (BYOB)

Are you looking for a fun, creative event that your residents are sure to enjoy? At Wine & Paint Resident Events, we offer professional guidance and instruction through our personal artist that allows residents to unleash their creativity with the added ambiance of BYOB. This unique evening is full of all the supplies needed from canvas and paint to new friends and an imaginative journey. Our experienced staff work hard to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcomed, inspired, connected and relaxed while expressing themselves on their own masterpieces. With four colorful themes based around the seasons each year, there’s something brand new for residents to look forward to each time they join in on this event.

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Summer Cocktails | Resident Event Ideas for June | Flamingo

Mixology 101: Summer Cocktails

Mixology 101 just got a makeover and we think you’re gonna love it! Summer Cocktails is the perfect way to show Residents that multifamily rental property living can be—dare we say it—FUN. Residents will interact with a professional mixologist for two hours and build their own cocktail creations, tasting and learning as they go along. They’ll learn techniques for crafting incredible cocktails, discover recipes to enjoy all summer long, become acquainted with necessary bar equipment basics, and get savvy on the different types of cocktails that could wow any guest. Plus, they’ll appreciate learning how paramount garnishes are to making these amazing drinks pop with flavor.

Book from $600 here


Brunch & Hangout | Resident Event Ideas for June | Flamingo

Brunch + DJ Hangout

Liven up the neighborhood! Give your residents an afternoon of music and delicious brunch-style eats, all while mingling with neighbors. Your Flamingo Host will provide everything you need for an unforgettable day: from all the utensils and non-alcoholic beverages to a tasty meal, complete with a DJ! Perfect for resident appreciation or just as an excuse to get outside and enjoy the weather, Brunch & DJ Hangout Resident Event offers multifamily property operators & managers the chance to treat their residents with something special.

Book from $800 here


Cooking on the Grill | Resident Event Ideas for June | Flamingo

Cooking on the Grill

Summertime is here, and it’s time to level up your grill game with our Cooking on the Grill! You can rely on us to provide everything needed to deliver this extra special experience. From a professional chef who arrives an hour prior to the event, to all the supplies, utensils, and equipment necessary–we can even provide enough food samples for everyone in attendance! Get ready for a fun and interactive experience as your residents learn the ins and outs of how to cook like a pro on your very own outdoor grill. Not only will they earn bragging rights after class is complete, but they can indulge in delicious grub made right before their eyes. Come show off your grilling skills at our sizzling summer event!

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Yoga, Brunch, Mimosas & DJ | Resident Event Ideas for June | Flamingo

Yoga, Brunch & Mimosas + DJ

We can all agree that a brunch with mimosas and a DJ sounds amazing, and your residents deserve nothing less than the best! Bring some extra sunshine to their lives by hosting an unforgettable Yoga, Brunch & Mimosas + DJ event at your property. Begin the event with yoga under the instruction of a certified class instructor. Your instructor will “set the scene” with soft music and relaxation in order to create an atmosphere full of tranquility and internal vitality.

Then, once you’ve shaken those morning cobwebs off, enjoy a delicious brunch together. Cheesy scrambled eggs with bacon strips? Pile of freshly-baked croissants? It’s up to you – let our team take care of your needs – making sure your residents have nothing but fun times ahead! To top it all off, enjoy the tunes of guest music maestro playing some good vibes only vinyl. Hungry tummies filled, muscles stretched…it’s time for mimosas (for those 21+). What better way to make those feel-good moments last even longer?

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Taco Bar & Drinks | Resident Event Ideas for June | Flamingo

Taco Bar & Drinks

Looking for a way to take your June resident events from ordinary to extraordinary? Look no further than a Taco Bar & Drinks ! We’ll provide everything you need to host the perfect laid back Mexican-style fiesta. Whether it’s tacos, burritos, quesadillas or nachos, your residents will love getting creative with these delicious handheld treats. Plus, all of your favorites snacks and drinks for a truly authentic experience. We promise to bring the fun and keep everyone in high spirits with our team of experienced professionals. Get ready for upbeat music that will keep everyone excited throughout the entire night – who doesn’t love tacos and tequila? This is the perfect opportunity to reward your residents and get them together in one place. So round up your crew and prepare for an unforgettable night of good food, great company, and old fashioned fun!

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Get your resident events in June booked early

From outdoor grills to yoga and mimosas, there are plenty of creative June resident event ideas that can help you build a sense of community in your multifamily property. Hosting fun occasions like these provide residents with the chance to get together, relax and enjoy themselves while forming lasting connections. Our team is here to make sure all the details come together for an unforgettable experience – from food samples and utensils to DJs playing some good vibes only vinyl! So if you’re looking for new ways to bring people together at your next event, look no further!

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