Fall Resident Event Ideas

With the arrival of fall come amazing opportunities to do themed-events! Let’s dive into the top fall resident event ideas for 2022!

Seasonal events are becoming more and more popular and we believe it’s a trend you should definitely jump on, so we’ve compiled some of the best fall resident event ideas for you! Themed or seasonal events have three major advantages:

  • They feel relevant. People pay more attention to them.
  • They get people excited.
  • The event life is longer. Your event stays top of mind for your residents long after the events has passed.

So let’s get down to the top 12 fall resident event ideas you can try out this year, all available in the Flamingo platform.

1. Apple Cider Cocktails Tasting

Even though fall is very much pumpkin themed, apple cider still holds a very special place as a favorite flavor for fall, so mixing this seasonal theme with alcohol is a hit, and very #Instagrammable. Your leasing teams can also benefit from this event. You could ask the chef to leave a bottle of cider and then you can offer it to prospects when they’re on tour, and chat about the event you recently had. Make them see what you offer aside from amenities.

2. Outdoor Game Day / Outdoor Scary Movie

In case you hadn’t realized, with Fall comes football season! One of our most popular events from recent months is the outdoor movie event. People love the feeling of being in the movies in their own backyard and this event takes that same premise and turns it into something that’s even more interesting, game day headquarters. Nothing unites a group like cheering for the same team. It’s family friendly and it’s prospect friendly.

The scary movie outdoor theater is a great Halloween event! Nothing like candy, popcorn and getting a serious scare with your friends and neighbours.

3. Pumpkin Carving

This could also be a virtual class. You’d think it’s a family favorite but it’s also a millennial favorite. This event takes you back to when you were a kid, so people love to participate! You can use this event to do a contest of the best pumpkin on social media or showcase the resident creations in your lobby or common areas, use it as Halloween decoration. Again, it’s a great conversation starter with prospects who are visiting the property.

4. Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is a is a top on fall resident event ideas! Okotberfest was one of our most popular events last year and it’s quite easy to see why. First of all we all know that events that provide alcohol are simply more attractive, let’s call like it is. Oktoberfest has it all. It’s one of the most Instragrammable events that you can do, it’s super prospect friendly. Since this is a bigger event, we recommend collaborating with the leasing team. You can invite a lot of people, the reach is huge and the brand recall that you’ll create with both prospects and residents is extremely strong.

5. Smore’s Day

This one is one of my favorites because it’s such a people pleaser. Everyone loves s’mores, no matter the age. Also, it’s quite cheap and simple to organize it but it’s not something you see everyday, so even though it’s simple, the experience is meaningful. Those are the types of events with sneaky good ROI. A simple S’mores day could get your positive reviews on Google, it’s the power of chocolate.

6. Pie Baking Class

Another event we recommend for this fall is a pie baking class or pie baking 101. A great thing about these types of events, like the pumpkin carving or a few others that we’re going to mention is that they’re educational. You’re teaching your residents something new and people love that. They feel super appreciative of classes where they learn a new skill and this one in particular is so so seasonal, it’s just so on point for the upcoming holidays that your residents will jump in and participate.
As we mentioned, events that provide alcohol can be very popular. You turn this into an adult class, which we recommend, and provide wine or beer during the class to make it that more fun and attractive.

7. Pumpkin Cooking Class

Very similar to what we just mentioned, a pumpkin class is as fall as you can get. Let residents choose the recipes beforehand and create a photo contest on Instagram to get more tags and mentions than ever.

8. Homemade Candy Apple Day

A family favorite but also super popular among adults, it’s got that nostalgic touch that we just can’t help. One fun thing that you can do with this event is do a photo contest, make sure residents tag you and use your hashtags to upload a photo of them tasting their creations. Events like this can be super engaging and dynamic of you add fun simple contests like that. You can even use that in your promotions for the event, it gets people excited and you’ll have lots of new content for your social media.

9. Pie and Wine Tasting

Pie and wine? That’s a match made in heaven. This all-time favorite fall event will have your residents fighting for a spot. Fall flavors are definitely a good start, but people love nearly any flavored-pie so feel free to request flavors that will also surprise your residents aside from the apple and pumpkin favorites.

10. Scarf Knitting Virtual Class

Virtual events like this one are great because you can reach a lot more people for a smaller price. It’s educational and very season-friendly. People also love events that provide the opportunity to take something home with you, and if that’s something that you made, it makes it that more special.

11. Fall Festival & Leasing Day

A fall festival gets a few of the mentioned events and puts them together in one big festival. You can include pumpkin carving, pie tasting, wine tasting, DJ. This event should be paired up with some PR. Reach out to local newspapers to get them to talk about or promote your leasing Fall festival to get as much foot traffic as possible. You can offer a discount on rent for people who sign their lease that day and generate amazing ROI from one single event.

12. Halloween Costume Party

Definitely a fan favorite, a Halloween costume party is the perfect way to welcome back in-person events. Getting the building together for drinks, dancing and a fun costume contest among scary Halloween decorations? Yes please!

To conclude, we recommend leaning into the season and going all in on themed events. We’ve seen a huge uptick on bookings for these type of events on the Flamingo marketplace (you can create a free account here( and residents are loving it.

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