Embrey Management Services Partners with Flamingo To Offer Best-in-Class Resident Experience & Engagement

Embrey Management Services, a Division of San Antonio-based Embrey Partners, LLC, a diversified real estate investment company that owns, develops, builds, acquires, and manages multifamily residential communities across the U.S., is elevating its investment in resident experience by partnering with Flamingo, The One-App Resident Journey Platform.


Embrey creates places where people want to be and this national partnership with Flamingo provides busy site teams with streamlined tools to provide amazing resident experiences and engagement.

“Embrey Management Services (EMS) consistently wins national awards for its service to residents,” said Allyson McKay, Managing Director and Executive Vice President for EMS. “We are pleased to be partnering with Flamingo to help take our service to the next level with tools designed to advance the efficiency and effectiveness of what we do best.

With this partnership, communities managed can produce high-quality resident engagement and experiences quickly, thanks to Flamingo’s all-in-one resident experience platform. Team members will be able to use Flamingo’s various tools to boost resident engagement and maximize the ROI from resident events, including an easy way for residents to RSVP, submit event pictures, and write reviews for each property.

“With more residents than ever working from home, resident engagement and experiences are even more important as residents seek a sense of community that they might not be getting from zoom calls with remote co-workers. Flamingo’s platform makes it easy for us to deliver on these experiences to our residents.” said Jasmine Toney, Marketing Strategist at Embrey.

“With apartment site team members struggling with dozens of tasks on their to-do list each day, we are always excited to partner with companies like Embrey who are looking to make life easier for their site teams by providing them with modern tools that help them execute faster. Of course, we’re also thrilled to bring fun experiences to the thousands of residents that call an Embrey community home.” said Jude Chiy, Flamingo’s CEO & Founder.

About Embrey

San Antonio-based Embrey Partners, LLC is a diversified real estate investment company that owns, develops, builds, acquires, and manages multifamily residential communities and commercial assets in targeted markets across the United States. Since 1974, Embrey has developed more than 44,000 apartments and over 6 million square feet of commercial property. Embrey is a leading developer in the multifamily sector, with more than 6,000 units under construction or in development.

About Flamingo

Flamingo is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy for property managers to deliver the best resident experience. With Flamingo, you’ll be able to:

  • Organize events in less than 5 minutes.
  • Generate and manage positive reviews on your preferred sites.
  • Build community and engagement through your own branded resident app.
  • Bring all your operations under one fully integrated platform.

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