The Best of the Boozers Winter Edition | Our Top Resident Events for Happy Hours, Tastings, Classes & More…

While alcohol might get a bad rap, the reality is that most people really enjoy a drink or two during the holiday season, especially when meeting up with friends or learning how to create a new cocktail. Hosting resident events centered around booze this holiday season allows for a lot of fun, entertainment, and, most importantly, community building.

Alcoholic events aren’t simply an excuse to get drunk either. Using Flamingo’s Resident Engagement platform, residents will engage with each other and boozy treats in a fun and safe way with Flamingo’s event hosts overseeing the proceedings. With an entire resident event marketplace full of ideas, Flamingo makes the entire process easy, including booking, resident RSVPing, gathering post-event photos, collecting post-event survey data, and reminding residents of the fun later on. And guess what? Flamingo event helps you generate online reviews after the event with Flamingo’s review generation solution.

For inspiration, take a look at some of the alcohol-inspired holiday resident event ideas below. Try mixing these up by encouraging residents to wear their christmas or holiday outfits! Ugly Sweaters are a great fit to mix with these and grab some memorable photos for social!

Winter Happy Hour | Resident Events for Winter

Winter Happy Hour

This fun and social event brings happy hour to your property, allowing residents to enjoy a range of drinks, snacks, and appetizers. Lasting 2-3 hours, this is a fun and simple resident event that encourages community building, with the drinks helping to create a more relaxed atmosphere that allows conversations to flow.

Booking through Flamingo means everything is taken care of, all you’ll need is a space large enough to host your residents. While attendance for happy hour is always high, signs in high-traffic areas like elevators can help boost engagement even further.

Requirements: Demonstration kitchen or counter space with sink access
Attendance: 50+
Price: $600
Rating: 4.7

Wine & Cheese Tasting | Resident Events for Winter

Wine & Cheese Tasting

Offering wine is always a reliable way to get people together. Combine this with cheese though, and you’ve got an event that all residents will want to attend. This extremely popular tasting resident event doesn’t require an enormous amount of space and allows residents to sample a range of curated wines and cheeses.

The event is overseen by a pairing expert who teaches residents how to match wines and cheeses effectively. Residents enjoy learning how to enhance flavors through these pairings with the knowledge useful for their own social events. This is a slower-paced event that gives plenty of time for chatting and photo-taking.

Requirements: Space with worktop or counter
Attendance: Space capacity
Price: $600
Rating: 4.7

Whiskey Tasting | Resident Events for Winter

Whiskey (Or Whisky) Tasting

While residents may go into this event thinking whiskey is whisky, they’ll leave with an appreciation of the different varieties on offer and the diverse taste profiles of each. Over the course of 2 hours, residents will sample 3-4 whiskeys discovering how the flavor of whiskey changes based on the grain, age, casket wood, and more.

This event is suitable for both mid-week and weekend hosting and simply requires a space large enough to host your residents. Your host brings everything needed, including the all-important whiskey as well as supplies and utensils.

Requirements: Demonstration kitchen or common area with counter space
Attendance: Space capacity
Price: $650
Rating: 4.7

Beer Tasting | Resident Events for Winter

Beer Tasting

While wine and whiskey can divide opinion a little, everyone loves a good beer. Hosting a beer-tasting evening gives residents a chance to sample some of the world’s most respected (and delicious) beers right in their own building.

This resident event lasts around 2 hours and is conducted by a beer expert who is on hand to serve drinks and discuss the subtleties of the beers on offer. Residents will sample 3-4 different drinks, with the expert selecting IPAs, lagers, ales, and stouts for the community to enjoy. With beer being the world’s favorite alcohol, this event is a proven hit providing lots of photo opportunities between community members.

Requirements: Large indoor space with counter
Attendance: Room capacity
Price: $600
Rating: 4.7

Signature Rum Cocktails | Resident Events for Winter

Signature Rum Cocktails

In this fun, hands-on event, residents learn how to concoct their very own rum cocktails from scratch. Thanks to the tutelage of a professional mixologist, residents need to do nothing but turn up with all the ingredients and utensils provided for. Best of all, residents can drink their creations too!

With cocktails ranging from light and fruity tropical drinks to dark and spicy mixes, the lessons learned here are something residents will be able to use throughout the year. Don’t forget to encourage residents to share their cocktails on social media and tag your property to help spread the word about the apartment community. A great way to do this is through Flamingo’s Resident Engagement app, using the social community feed to get the word out.

Requirements: Demonstration kitchen or counter space
Attendance: 25
Price: $600
Rating: 4.4

Make Your Own Mojito | Resident Events for Winter

Make-Your-Own Mojito Day

Bring the taste of Cuba to your residents with a make-your-own mojito day! Consisting of white rum, lime, soda water, mint, and, of course, some sugar for sweetness, mojitos are a herbaceous, fruity drink that appeals to everyone.

Property managers need only book the event through Flamingo’s marketplace to have a mixologist arrive on the day with all ingredients and utensils provided. The event lasts a couple of hours and will teach your residents everything they need to know to craft the perfect mojito.

With a lot more to it than meets the eye, this class is one that residents love talking about afterward. To keep the conversations going, residents can use Flamingo’s resident-to-resident messaging service and community feed, all built into the Engagement app. Residents can share photos and posts using an interface that is familiar and intuitive.

Requirements: Demonstration kitchen or counter space with sink access
Attendance: Space capacity
Price: $600
Rating: 4.4

Margarita Day | Resident Events for Winter

Margarita Day

This fun and interactive margarita class indulges residents with a taste of Mexico! Spanning 1-2 hours, residents will learn why the star of a margarita, tequila, makes a great base spirit. The on-site mixologist will show how to combine the spirit with triple-sec, lime, salt, and various other ingredients to create a range of unique drinks.

As a hands-on resident event, residents will have fun stirring, shaking, and “muddling” ingredients with the mixing acting as a great ice-breaker between residents. While Flamingo can promote the event using the Resident Engagement app, remember to suggest the event to residents during communications to create a truly memorable evening!

Requirements: Demonstration kitchen or counter space with sink access
Attendance: Space capacity
Price: $600
Rating: 4.4

Bloody Mary Open Bar | Resident Events for Winter

Bloody Mary Open Bar

Known as the ultimate hangover cure, the bloody mary is a drink that turns common ingredients into something truly delicious. This event includes everything you need to kick off a weekend of fun with a couple of well-garnished Bloody Mary cocktails served up alongside some light appetizers. This is a casual, low-key event that can work equally well during the day as at night.

With lots of diverse and interesting garnishes served up, the bloody mary’s are also extremely photogenic. You won’t have to do much to encourage snaps to be taken, but consider using Flamingo for sharing post-event pictures and recaps for residents to relive the experience!

Requirements: Large space or common room
Attendance: Space capacity
Price: $600
Rating: 4.4

Winter Cocktails | Resident Events for Wintercktails

Winter Cocktails 101

Warm your residents up with a hands-on mixology. In this hands-on course, residents will build and enjoy their very own cocktail creations! A professional mixologist will take the class through the world of mixology including techniques, drinks, recipes and basic equipment.

Requirements: Demonstration kitchen or counter space with sink access
Attendance: Space capacity
Price: $500
Rating: 4.5

Holiday Cocktails | Resident Events for Winter

Holiday Cocktails

In this hands-on course residents will build and enjoy their very own cocktail creations! A professional mixologist will take the class through the world of mixology including techniques, drinks, recipes and basic equipment.

Requirements: Demonstration kitchen or counter space with sink access
Attendance: Space capacity
Price: $600
Rating: 4.5

Need more event ideas?

Flamingo’s resident event marketplace is full of more ideas to keep your residents happy and engaged. Combined with the Resident Engagement App, these events help promote community building, the forming of social bonds, and ultimately resident retention.

To see how Flamingo can help your community, book a demo now.

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