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Smart apartment operators no longer fight the amenity wars. They are growing market share by offering a consistent and branded resident experience… just like hotels.

Integrated & Built for Multifamily

Stop Forcing Residents
To Download a Million Apps

Residents don’t go to different floors to cook, shower, or sleep. Why make them go to different apps for rent, maintenance, resident rewards, virtual keys, amenity reservations, and move-ins? Flamingo’s resident app means one resident engagement app for everything they need.

Residents have access to a hotel-style concierge marketplace where they can request services like house-cleaning, TV mounts and more; in two clicks.
Residents can RSVP to events and upload event pictures for your team to use as marketing materials.

Residents can raise maintenance tickets directly from the app, check out any updates and review the services provided by the techs.

Through the Flamingo App, residents and staff can maintain an open and smooth communication through instant messages, in-app notifications and social feed announcements.

Residents can stream the on-demand fitness classes to any TV, anywhere in the world. No streaming restrictions means more engagement and participation.


Our integrations allow residents to access their Smart Keys directly from the Flamingo app.

The first impression is the most important one and with an automated move in checklist, residents know what they need to do even before moving into your property.

Residents get access to everything they need to know about your property from a digital, searchable guide. From FAQs, to policies to amenitie’s working hours.


An events marketplace with hundreds of event ideas and fully vetted vendors. Book an event in 3 clicks and get automated promo flyers to promote it.

Custom integrations means any apps or systems you add in the future can be integrated, future-proofing your tech stack.

Flamingo's vetted network of house cleaners, dog walkers, massage therapists, personal trainers, TV mounters, and more make life easier for residents while netting you $1000s in ancillary revenue each year.

Optimize, not just manage online reputation. Flamingo evaluates each resident and prompts them to leave a review at just the right moment - for example, after a resident has attended an even.

Increase renewals with surveys and analytics that give you actionable insights into your resident’s renewal intentions.

Receive smart and automated assessments that provide real-time insights into the state of your community.

Text, email, & message residents from one place. Flamingo's social feed helps property managers distribute new policies, invite residents to events, post surveys, and create a community that’s engaged and connected

Free your site teams to focus on more strategic work instead of spending hours doing manual, tedious, and repetitive tasks. Save your teams a combined 15 to 20 hours per month.

Stop Frustrating Staff
With Tens of Logins to Manage

Flamingo’s All-In-One Resident Engagement and Experience Platform means site teams can book events, survey residents, manage move-ins, monitor reputation, request reviews, communicate with residents and more, - all from one platform.

Standardize Operations By Replacing Point Solutions
With Branded All-in-One

Offering a great resident experience used to mean spending $1000s each year on multiple systems.
Consolidate and save with Flamingo’s all-in-one app & platform.

Resident Engagement App & Dashboard | Flamingo

400k+ units are achieving amazing results
with their own resident engagement app. You can too!

Modera Mill Creek

Event Marketplace

Flamingo's event marketplace is how Mill Creek's Modera booked their pool party in 5 mins instead 5 hours.

Park Towne Place AIMCO

Concierge Bookings

Flamingo is how AIMCO’s Park Town residents booked $30,000 of house cleaning & other resident concierge services in 1 year.

Fourth Street East Greystar Management

Resident Satisfaction

Flamingo is how Fourth Street East increased resident satisfaction from 2.7/5.0 to 3.8/5.0 in ten months.

Atlas Oakland Greystar Management

Review Generation

A One-App Resident Journey is how Atlas Oakland gained 100 online reviews on Google, Yelp & Facebook in
less than a year.

Riverworks Greystar Management

Pulse Surveys

Flamingo's resident pulse surveys is how Riverworks quickly improved their move-in process during month 1 of lease-up.

Elmhurst Morningside Equities Groups

Digital Signage

Flamingo is how Morningside's' Elmhurst 255 went from a messy bulletin board to digital lobby screens.

Elan City Center Greystar Management

Going Paperless

Flamingo is how Elan City Center went paperless by digitizing their
resident guide.

Flamingo's One-App Resident Journey is the future
of resident engagement software & Apartment Brand Building

Resident Events

Task Automation

Resident Communication

Ticketing Systems

Digital Resident Guide

Renter's Insurance Verification

Automated Review Generation

Ancillary Revenue

On Demand Fitness

Analytics Dashboard

Resident Engagement App

Resident Surveys

Reputation Management

Resident Rewards & Loyalty

Integrate & Connect Everything In One Platform
For a Seamless Resident Experience

Flamingo integrates with your existing systems to provide a seamless working experience. From property management systems, to smart keys, insurance, communications, surveys, reviews and everything in between.

Resident data, maintenance, & survey integration

Resident data, maintenance, & survey integration

Resident data, maintenance, & survey integration

Resident data, maintenance, & survey integration

Smart Key integration

intercom & smart key app

Smart Key integration

Automated Renter's Insurance Verification

Automated Renter's Insurance Verification

Automated Renter's Insurance Verification

Automated Renter's Insurance Verification

Automated Renter's Insurance Verification

Integrate and manage your Google Reviews right from the Flamingo Dashboard

Integrate and manage your Reviews right from the Flamingo Dashboard

Integrate and manage your Facebook Reviews right from the Flamingo Dashboard

Integrate and manage your Yelp Reviews right from the Flamingo Dashboard

Flamingo has more than 100 deep integrations for you to manage in one place. 

With clients as far as Hawaii, there’s a building near you that has chosen the
resident engagement strategy

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