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Flamingo is an all-in-one resident engagement mobile app. We provide premium services to luxury residential apartment buildings including, weekly fitness classes, resident events,
and concierge services.

Multiple Services

We offer a wide variety of services to our partner buildings including: Fitness Classes, Cooking Classes, House Cleaning, In-home Massage Therapy, TV Mounting, and more!

Thousands of Customers

We have partnerships with residential buildings across the U.S. Get matched with jobs and opportunities in your city.

Free to Join

Access to our Flamingo network is free, so there is no risk to join. Our top priority is to work with the best providers to deliver excellent service to our customers providing the best service

Easy Payments

We simplify the billing process by providing payments directly into your account.

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The Flamingo Pro Network

Join hundreds of providers who work with Flamingo across the U.S.

I was so impressed with Flamingo's friendly professionalism and organization! I was thrilled at their commitment to making the experience great for both providers and customers.

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Brianna W.

I enjoy the freedom to create fun ways to approach challenging workouts and and build relationships within our communities.

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Angela M
Yoga & Fitness Instructor

Flamingo’s app is the best! It expands how residents and office workers can engage in creative, community centered ways. Flamingo helps me share my mission to those seeking greater culinary skills and savoring cuisines from around the world.

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Robert H.

Flamingo is easy to work with and I get opportunities I may otherwise not have

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Brian K
Magician & Comedian

It's a unique opportunity to provide fitness to apartment residents. It is pretty cool to have group fitness basically in your own home.

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Alyssa J.
Spin Instructor

I enjoy teaching classes and interacting with the residents.

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Rich M.

I love working with groups of people and swing them happy and cheerful at my classes. Flamingo is a perfect provider when it comes to cutting down on my hustle to find clients, so we can all do what we love!

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Bjana I.
Art instructor

I love the students at the buildings! They are always excited to be there and to try something new.

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Danielle H.
Fitness Instructor

Flamingo is an amazing company to work with. They are nice and friendly and I enjoy the amount of work.

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Gladiola B.
House Cleaner

Great people and fun events. I enjoy creating a fun environment through the art of MUSIC!

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Eddie J.

I like the idea of working for a company where you can create a consistent schedule. Flamingo has allowed me to explore all different types of apartment complexes while subbing but I always enjoy seeing my regular students.

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Alexandra N.
Yoga Instructor

It’s an opportunity to do what you love. I enjoy meeting different people from all walks of life. It has been a fun ride with the Flamingo team. I look forward to good things to come.

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Joseph S.
Fitness Instructor & Trainer

Flamingo allows me to teach cooking classes on a regular basis. The company gives you the freedom and flexibility to work and create a fun environment. I enjoy the ability to cater many different cuisines.

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Daja D.
Chef & Bartender

How to Become a Flamingo Pro

Flamingo is an all-in-one engagement app. We partner with luxury residential buildings and provide a variety of services including weekly fitness classes, resident events, and concierge services through our mobile app.

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  1. 1
    Apply Online

    We are always looking for awesome professionals to join our team of Flamingo Providers. Check out our current openings.

  2. 2
    Schedule a Phone Interview

    We will review your application and send an email to schedule a phone interview. Only the top candidates will be selected for phone interviews.

  3. 3
    Complete an Audition or Background Check

    Fitness instructors who are selected to move on to the final interview will be required to send an audition video. Applicants who provide in-home concierge services such as house cleaning, massage therapy, and TV mounting will be required to complete a background check.

  4. 4
    Welcome to the Team!

    Once you have successfully completed the interview, vetting, and onboarding process you will be an official Flamingo Provider! You will receive emails from our team with opportunities that match your skills.


How it Works

Here's a short 1-minute video of the process from applying online to becoming a Flamingo Pro.

Join over 500 professionals who work with us

Share your talents and earn extra revenue

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

What is the cost to join as a Flamingo Pro?

We do not charge you to be in our Flamingo Provider network. Instead, we charge our customers a small fee on top of your rate, so that money stays in your pockets. A win-win!

How often will I get jobs?

The number of jobs and frequency of jobs varies based upon the demand in your city. When there are opportunities that match your skills, you will receive emails from our team - So keep an eye out!

Am I required to have any certifications or licenses?

For certain positions, such as fitness instructors, massage therapists, chefs, bartenders, and caterers, we do require certifications and/or licenses.

How & when do I receive payments?

You will receive payment directly into your banking account via direct deposit. We use a secure payment system to keep your information safe. Payments are processed once every week.

Will I be hired as an employee or contractor?

All of our pros are hired as independent contractors. This means that we do not take taxes out of your payments and you are responsible for filing your tax returns with the IRS. We provide a 1099 form at the beginning of each year to all pros who earned $600 or more teh previous year.

Are my services covered under Flamingo's insurance?

Yes, as a Flamingo pro the services you provide are covered under our liability insurance. However, we do advise that you have your own insurance as well, particularly for services such as culinary services, TV mounting, heavy lifting, and moving services.

How can I download the app?

After you apply for an open position, our team will send you details to download the app and schedule a phone interview.

How can I refer other pros?

If you know of other great professionals, we would love to connect with them. Encourage them to apply to our job openings or direct them to fill out our contact form below and we will get in touch!

Get In Touch

Interested in becoming a Flamingo Pro? Be sure to check our job openings and apply online. If you do not see an opening for your city, click the link below to get in touch!

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