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Understanding Reviews

Why are they important? How much do reviews impact NOI? Why are your residents slow to leave reviews?

5 Part Strategy

Learn how to create an integral review-generation strategy.

22 Tactics

We go into the weeds with you and tell you exactly how to implement the strategies. Our tactics are proven and data-backed

What would 100 reviews do for your online presence?

For the past 4 years, we’ve studied how the most reviewed communities got to where they are and have applied the same strategies to help our customers gain thousands of reviews. Most recently, we worked with one of our lease-up customers to gain 100 reviews in just 12 months.

​Now, we want you to have the same results for your property and maybe even more!

​During this exclusive guide, We’ll share a step-by-step insight on what we’ve seen works best to generate as many reviews as possible.

Atlas Oakland gained 100 reviews in less than 12 months with a total of 140+

Avidor Evanston increased their reviews from 2 to 24 in no time with Flamingo!

ZRS’s The Crosby generated 4 reviews from one event using one of Flamingo’s hacks


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